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Lemon Curd – nice.

Guacamole – yum.

The McCoy/Kirk (Urban/Pike) fanfic 'A Member Of The Nightshade Family' is a Mirror Universe tale that is good.

A 'Scream 5'? No.

Watched the 'Star Trek: The Animated Series' ep 'Yesteryear' (1973) and despite the ep being famed, it was was BAD. The theme music was bad. They're at the Guardian Of Forever but it isn't named. Spock is suddenly replaced by an Andorian as XO. McCoy and everybody else don't know who Spock is. Only Kirk recalls Spock. McCoy sounds bored.

In the changed history (how was it changed???) Spock died in childhood and Amanda left Sarek. Much Vulcan history and culture and biodiversity is seen. Only Vulcan males do the childhood survival test.

Various bad child actors are heard. Spock's pet (the Vulcan teddy bear) is seen. There is no delicious oddness. This has pious aspirations but no ironic undercurrents. The poor pet dies. The novel 'Demons' borrowed much from this. This was terrible, terrible even if it is formalistically effecient. This was not consistently entertaining or existentially troubling. I haven't seen something this dumb since Spock's rocket boots in 'Star Trek V' which also featured Kirk free soloing in Yosemite and falling off.

Best Lines:

“Honour our gods.”

“20 to 30 Vulcan years past.”

“No more will be said of it.”

“Even been seen fighting in the street.”

“Too old and too fat for this.”

“My life decision.”

“Your father brought shame to Vulcan! He married a human!”

“My father's before he was mine.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“We don't know if Boris Johnson regrets anything in particular.”

“Pandemic stockpile.”

'The Inbetweeners' Quote:

“Go and hide somewhere.”

'Derry Girls' Quotes:

“Know that you will be judged.”

“Where I sleep, in my knickers.”

“No down below action.”

“Small angry penguin woman.”

“It's got your man in it. That farmer from 'Glenroe'.”

“Boring bastard.”

“Mad keen.”

“Not how I'd want to go.”

“Who's Keyser Soze?”


“You too will just be an old photograph in a hallway.”

“Craic killer.”

“This is actually nice.”

“Take it easy Oliver Reed.”

“It's not my fault.”
“Sure nothing ever is.”

“You're in for it!”

'Pain, Pus and Poison' Quotes:

“Hide under tables and bite people's legs.”

“End her days in peace.”

“Tried to give him away to the local workhouse.”

“Women should be banned from buying arsenic.”

“Many murders later.”

“Didn't have much regard for science.”

“Instilled terror.”

“Gas warfare.”

“Angrily and publically denounced her as a traitor.”

“Worldwide tragedy.”

“Toxic side effects.”

“Poorly prepared sausages.”

“The deadliest of the deadly.”

“Most expensive product on Earth.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Did not fit with official history of the event.”

“Has been claimed (and disputed).”

“Before it even had a name or a test for it.”

“Later years were somewhat sad.”

“Plagued the planet for 3,000 years.”

“You look nice, you find out what they like, and you pretend to like it too.”

“They're human scum.”

“Punished with lousy partners.”

“Democracy on the wane.”

“Campaign to cast doubt.”

“Although well received was later asked not to call again.”

“High moral tone.”

“Issuing condemnations.”

“Hijacking public debate.”

“Lose faith in your ability to inform them what's happening.”

'Star Trek' Quotes:

“Mrs Sarek.”

“Lie there and be happy you're still alive.”

'Ireland: am' Quote:

“15 year fight for justice.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Pressure growing for economic and social life to resume.”

“Damning reading.”

“Failed to take action.”

'David Stratton's Stories Of Australian Cinema' Quotes:

“Not a gumtree in sight.”

“Shoot straight you bastards.”

“Get beaten up in school by guys like that.”

“That's a knife.”

“What sort of a failure is this guy?”

“Got international attention.”

'Nudes4Sale' Quotes:

“Cutting me out of their life.”

“Career choice hasn't gone unnoticed in her hometown.”

“Make content.”

'Celebrity Damage Control' Quote:

“Upmarket looking.”

'Star Trek III: The Search For Spock' Quotes:

“The word is no. I am therefore going anyway.”

“Turn death into a fighting chance to live.”

“It's his revenge for all those arguments he lost.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“How do they not find these lairs?”

“Gonna get real gross, real quick.”


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