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Star Trek 1x29&2x01x2x02 + Outer Banks 1x07 + Star Trek The Next Generation 4x08 Reviewed

City On The Edge Of Forever

The Guardian Of Forever debuts never to be seen or mentioned again except in books. A drugged McCoy changes history after he goes deranged in this depressingly beleak ep. Joan Collins guest stars. Why didn't Spock nerve pinch McCoy on the bridge? This was written by the infamous Harlan Ellison. McCoy sneaks around like a horror movie baddie and has paranoid musings. Now Spock nerve pinches him but McCoy walks it off. This has some flat dull spots and it is full of high camp theatrics. There is no eerie sense of the past. Is McCoy's title Senior Medical Officer or Chief Medical Officer? This was not confronting and Edith Keeler (Collins) was a pacifist who ruined history. McCoy's derangment wears off. Kirk forcibly stops McCoy from saving Keeler. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“Wild paranoia.”

“That should prove interesting.”

“Time ripples.”

“10,000 centuries old.”

“Captured the world.”

Amok Time

The famous ep. Spock throws a bowl of soup at Chapel, shouts vitriolic abuse and expresses impatience. He's not in a reasonable mood – he's aggressive and volatile and full of senseless rage. Spock wants to avoid the unintended consequences of his mating fervour. We see Vulcan and its values and culture. I'm sure Kirk and McCoy did not imagine this work scenario ever happening.

Spock has vindictive irritation and imposed cirumstances. What could cause such a fierce reaction in the controlling nag Spock? Kirk has known Spock for years. Everyone knows what this infamous ep is about. Spock is in Pon Farr which is not part of the public discourse.

Spock shows a spectrum of emotions and this ep created K/S and the obsessive slash fandom. Spock has paranoid musings. Spock has a stark choice and social reticence about discussing his biology. Spock considers McCoy a close friend. Spock's 'wife' T'Pring shows up.

T'Pau shows up. It is fortuitous McCoy was there or things would have gone badly for Spock and Kirk. The unspeakable details of Vulcan are on display and Shatner even does some acting. Spock succumbs to the urge to mate and Vulcans resort to some havoc. T'Pring makes Spock fight Kirk. So the horny Spock rolls around in the sand with Kirk: yeah 'fighting'. T'Pring was shagging Stonn all along. Stonn is a goob, T'Pau is not a nice woman and there is no moral context. Spock has resolution and chokes Kirk.

McCoy and Kirk never brought up Spock trying to murder Kirk ever again. How did Kirk explain his survival to the Vulcans? This was engaging and why did Spock not mention the death match before they beamed down? Spock fingered a phallic weapon and one wonders if the trio ever discuss this off screen or was it shrugged off like McCoy getting mind raped by the mirror universe Spock.

Spock's blood fever wears off due to him rolling around in the dust with Kirk and choking him. BDSM anyone? No comment. This was a preordained outcome. McCoy lied and fixed the fight and is mean to Spock. He was only trolling. Nobody mentions how McCoy changed history in the previous ep. Nobody mentions how McCoy perpetrated a deception. Spock shows emotion when he learns he didn't throttle Kirk to death. A veil of profound discretion is brought over this.

Best Lines:

“Your logical, unemotional First Officer turned to me and said: you will cease to pry into my personal matters Doctor or I shall certainly break your neck!”

“Spock said that?”

“Light days.”

“Yield to the logic of the situation.”


“For a woman to play servant to a man who is not hers.”

“Accept that answer.”

“Become the property of the victor.”

“Forgive such a display only once.”

“Proudly logical as us.”

“Friendship and strenght.”

“Not that vital.”

“My compliments on your insight.”

“What is to come.”

“Spock chose his friends well.”

“Not with him.”

“For possesion of the woman T'Pring.”

“Blood fever.”

“As strange as it may seem Mr Spock. You're in command now. Any orders?”

“Much known among our people.”

“Your name and your property.”

“Having is not so pleasing as thing after all as wanting.”

Who Mourns For Adonais?

Scotty wants to get some. A giant green space hand menaces the ship. An alien (in a tiny tiny outfit) claims to be the Greek god Apollo and wants some worship. There is no regal dignity just sexism. This was BAD.

Best Line:

“Capable of some wrath ourselves.”

Dead Calm

The truth is complicated. How does John B plan to melt down gold?John B and Sarah chat. Sarah's dad stares. This was episodic and melodramatic drama. There is frustrated silence and they can ill afford this crap. The gang plan to pay off JJ's debt. They melt some gold off screen and go to a dodgy pawn shop. Is JJ old enough to go to a Buy Gold shop?

This was idiocy that fails badly. John B is blatantly incompetent. JJ is vociferously stupid and John B wants income redistribution. How many people know about the gold? How entrenched the fixation with privileging the rich is on the island. JJ is smug and in earnest. The gang are robbed. This was a forseeable future.

The gang fist fight armed robbers. The robbers are the drug dealers. Does John B's claim to the gold even have a lawful basis? JJ rampages, he needs to be beaten with a sack of batteries. The gang are thrown into uncertainty. Why are John B's gang inseparable? This was utterly hopeless. It's only a matter of time before something goes badly wrong.

JJ rages, reacts with fury and takes a strong public stand. The rich brats need to face a reckoning. Drug dealers are retaliatory and Sarah's brother is ominiously warned. The gang's home invasion of the old woman leads to consequences.

JJ's dad is awful. Rich people have predations. JJ's plan does not prove successful. JJ gets beat up again. JJ's dad has bad faith and is an obnoxious piece of work. The logic of this show remains hidden. John B is subservient to Sarah. Why don't DCS deal with the entrenched abuse of JJ? This is not of real stature or importance.

Sarah's brother and ex rant. This was ridiculous and ineffective. Things are disproportionately damaging to the poors. Sarah is appalling. This causes profound weariness. Arrogant John B tempts fate and goes where everyone has gone before. JJ does dumb crap. Sarah's obviously evil dad gives John B booze and chases him with a hook after pointing out all the legal issues re: the gold.

Best Lines:

“That ain't real.”

“Chasing lost treasure.”

“What's up country club?”

“Surf rat.”

“This ain't Zurich.”

“Welcome to crackhead wasteland.”

“What happens after you rob a drug dealer?”

“We're robbing drug dealers?”

“Really no other choice here.”

“All your problems begin.”

Future Imperfect

Riker wakes up 16 years in the future. This ep was almost accurate as to future happenings in the Trek-verse. There are fake grey hairs and Riker is captain of the USS Enteprise D (which never happened). Riker has to make peace with the Romulans and bond with his son and his space jammies. There are twists and Riker rants about a level of incompetence. The alien boy at the end is never seen or mentioned again. This was mediocre and full of bad acting.

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