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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Atlanta's Missing And Murdered' promo


'Pandora' promo


'Batwoman' promo

Alice rants.

Flourless almond slice – nice.

Gluten free Honeyed Almond & rosemary gourment sodabread toasts – blah.

'Star Trek' Quotes:

“This is how history went after McCoy changed it.”

“Food purposes.”

“Trying to initiate a brawl.”

“Gets to belt his captain. Several times.”

'The Handmaid's Tale' Quote:

“No defection will be tolerated.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Unmasked as cheats and liars.”

“Panicking as Leinster's medical team banged on the door looking for access.”

“Misconduct complaints.”

“Only to be denied access.”


“Near unlivable.”

“Supported human society.”

“Been in no one else's company.”

“Booting in the door,”

“Long history of taking cocaine and had threatened to burn down the family home.”

“Initial incandescence.”

“Communal alibi.”

“Unrepentant mastermind of the whole tawdry affair and that he pressured others to do his bidding.”

“Stigma and the shame of being known as cheaters by the public,”

“They don't even notice me.”

“Digital skills.”

“A crisis unprecedented in their lifetimes.”

“Healthy response to terror.”

“Handing over decisionmaking responsibility.”

“Deep and meaningful connections.”

“Secretive and deceitful.”

“Consequences for their actions.”

“Constantly satiated.”

“Bear the consequences when they arise.”

“Depend on you for her self-esteem.”

“Dependant on you totally.”

“Valid concern.”

“Unchallenged authority.”

“Refused them safe harbour.”

“Evocative of the breadlines and soup kitchens of the Great Depression.”

“Needlessly stripped of their dignity.”

“Engage in drunken brawls with other clients.”

“Looming threat.”

“Demand slump.”

“Subjected to barrage of criticism.”

'Elegance And Decadence: The Age Of The Regency' Quotes:

“Tried to beat it out of him.”

“At every ruined abbey and beautiful vista.”

“Catch up on the Prince Regent's latest antics.”

“Pratfalling fat man.”

“That there gilded gold thing.”

“Great passion of his life.”

'Tvnow' Quote:

“Employ a slection of appropriate feelings and responses;...touch only when needed...care seldomly...smile never.”

“How not to create a long-lasting action franchise.”


“Believes his new neighbours are ritualistic murderers, as you do.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Pulled her sister Helen's wig in anger.”

“Befriending addicts at AA to get pills.”

“Stopped at a drug dealer's house.”

“I don't trust her in my house.”

“Kinda stupid for a while.”

“How could you not know?”

“It doesn't look like a drug house.”

“Yanked the hair off her head.”

“Your drug behaviour.”

“Not an addict in the street.”

“Arresred for drug seeking behaviour.”

“That absent.”

“Communicates with me through his ties.”

“Lived in a truck stop.”

'Cold Justice' Quotes:

“Struck in the head with a ceramic pig.”

“Didn't like my choice of wives.”

“Give good answers to.”

“He's a huge liar.”

“My god really?”

“The word bitch was thrown out there many times.”

“Made it no secret.”

“Big criticism.”

“Alibied out.”

'Dreadnought' Quote:

“Casting human shadows and thinking alien thoughts,”

'Ian Hislop's Fake News: A True History' Quotes:

“Sometimes malign influence.”

“Inspire pity in the viewer.”

“Flying man bats.”

“Rearranging Confederate corpses.”

“Our understanding of truth.”

“Something really grim.”

“Trademark rant.”

“Caused global outrage.”

“Unforseeable consequences.”

“Temple to truth.”

“Crisises of trust.”

'Memory Prime' Quote:

“There is no escape for us.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Enormous irritant.”

'Kong: Skull Island' Quotes:

“Bring peace with honour.”

“Defied discovery.”

“An emergence point for whatever lives below.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“For a reality star that is a baby, a marriage, a divorce and a launch of a lifestyle brand!”

“You don't deserve to have shoes!”

“Boarding school can't come fast enough.”

“Ask me loudly.”

“Herpes commericals during 'NCIS'.”

“Do you work?”

“You're funny.”

“My screaming pillow please.”

“Your feelings are felt.”

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