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Under The Moon: Free Comic Book Day Reviewed

This was left over from FCBD 2019. It is a Catwoman origin story and tells of a teen girl, her runiously damaging uncaring mother and the walking human malafeasance that is the mother's latest slampiece. He treats Selina with startingly cold venom and she is without solace or refuge.

Selina finds one purrrfect moment in between stealing and snarking on snotty Bruce Wayne for ignoring her. Selina's mother does nothing and stands idly by and it all ends in tragedy. This was tragic and heartbreaking. Selina is absolutely desperate and why does her mother neglect her maternal duty? There is active abuse in Selina's life and unyielding emptiness.

She's a soul under pressure, help never comes and the conclusion is bleak. Selina's mother continues to fail her emotionally damaged daughter. Selina expresses despair. Why does her mother allow such a scary and threatening man to hurt her daughter? Selina lives in pain in this okay comic.

Best Lines:

“I never had parents who were awesome and adored me.”

“Nothing good lasts.”

“My love couldn't keep her safe.”

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