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Movie Reviews: The Handmaid's Tale +The Company You Keep +Dangerous Lies

The Handmaid's Tale (1990)

Natasha Richardson, Robert Duvall, Faye Dunaway, Traci Lind, Elizabeth McGovern, Aidan Quinn, Victoria Tennant, Reiner Schone and Muse Watson star in this Harold Pinter scripted take on the Margaret Atwood novel.

There is 80s hair, the Colonies are seen in the background and Moira (McGovern) and Kate (Richardson) met in Handmaid training. Nothing is explained, it just is. We see screaming nuns rounded up. Tennant as Aunt Lydia is bad as she can't act. Serena Joy (Dunaway) says she READ Offred's file. Women in Gilead can't read or write by law.

The wives wear Thatcher blue coloured dresses and silly hats as well as identical pearl necklaces. This was not soporific. Nick (Quinn) broods and there is no money only tokens. The costumes are better in the tv show. Ofglen lurks. Offred and Nick just randomly start making out. This speeds through the plot. Serena Joy used to be televangelist and is very mannered.

The acting is bad. The Mayday resistance just shows up. The Commander (Duvall) justifies what he has done, even now looking for sympathy. This film is disremembered. This is emotionless, there is a bizarre scene after the Cermony where Offred is topless for no good reason. This is flat, when Moira escapes – why didn't Offred go with her? The salvaging scene is really creepy though.

Offred gets knocked up by the rather nasty Nick. The ending is vastly different than the book. The daughter is called Jill, her name was Hannah! It's in the damn book!

Best Lines:

“You're going to serve God.”

“You can't make me break my vows!”

“Do your duty for the Fatherland.”

“Days of anarchy.”

“We have the faith.”

“Sex itches.”

“Their defeat will be final.”

“Gonna get extra prayers for the rest of us.”

“Precious gift.”

“Give birth for our country.”

“Blessed be the fruit.”


“Weeding out the godless.”

“Winning god's fight.”

The Company You Keep (2012)

A reporter (Shia LaBeouf) looks into the arrest of a 70s radical (Susan Sarandon). Robert Redford is a lawyer with a very young daughter. This tries for elegiac and poignancy. It is okay if not freighted with menaing. The reporter is brutally rude and seriously unpleasant and perfectly foul.

The reporter works for a dying local paper and outs Redford as a fugitive 70s radical. Chris Cooper plays Redford's younger brother. The FBI lurk. Redford's face looks messed up, he ditches his child with Cooper and legs it. Nick Nolte shows up as a fellow 70s radical. Julie Christie pops up as Mimi, Redford's ex and another 70s radical.

There are connections, a cop and Redford named his daughter after Mimi (oh his poor dead wife). There are secrets and lies and the dates don't quite add up. This was directed by Robert Redford. Terrence Howard, Sam Elliot, Anna Kendrick, Stanley Tucci and Brendan Gleeson co star. The 70s radicals concepts of civilization are mad.

Best Lines:

“Making us look bad for 30 years now.”

“Bunch of doped up hippies running around.”

“I don't trust phones.”

“Folled yourself into thinking I was someone else.”

“Stop provoking people.”

“Walked out of 6 lives.”

“Never contact me again.”

“Declaration against interest.”

“Journalism's dead.”

Dangerous Lies (2020)

A broke caregiver (Veronica from 'Riverdale') inherits her charge's estate. Eventually. She and her boyfriend plan a future. There are uneasy relationships. Her aged boss bumbles. She's manically cheerful and there is a debt of gratitude. This was ill thought out and indifferent to logic and it wans't vibrant.

This was regrettably bad and absolute nonsense. The caregiver and her husband move into Elliott Gould's house and spend his money. There is intrigue and concern and a sinister real estate agent. There are murky transgressions and this was absurd and the duo have created a cage of their own making. Nobody offers testimonials to their character.

They're injurious to themselves. There is no compassion or decency. WTF was the ending? There was no escalating tension.

Best Lines:

“I thought I heard someone in the house. Again.”

“I'm bleeding right now, what do you want from me?”

“This house belongs to us now.”

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