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Stargate Universe Ep 5 Review


Destiny is on a collision course with a star. There is one working shuttle and 17 places. Young decides who will get the places. Chloe and Scott hook up. Eli sulks. Did they use protection? There is nice lighting and music in this ep. Still I can’t help but wonder, why isn’t Young’s hair full of clotted dried blood from his head injury? Speaking of hair, TJ seems to have endless styling gel. Rush refuses to leave Destiny. Young and Greer reminisce about how Greer was in the brig for punching Telford. Young doesn’t like Telford. In fact nobody likes Telford.

Destiny flies into the star and it turns out that this is how the ship recharges. It flies through stars. Awesome. The shuttle is retrieved and all is well. At least until Young suspects that Rush knew what the ship was going to do all along. This was very good. I like Young and his brooding. Thankfully Rush was toned way down in this ep and the stupid communication stones weren’t used.

Best Lines:
"While I don't condone behavior of that kind in any way, shape, or form, I gotta say, the look on Telford's face when you put him down was priceless: complete and total shock."
"He was surprised. Yes, sir."
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