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The Act 1x08 + Stumptown (2019) 1x01 + Hollywood (2020) 1x01 Reviewed


I skipped 1x05-1x07. Gypsy's locked up and facing trial for killing her mom. Gypsy tells a lot of lies to herself and other people. She keeps using that damn baby voice and this was awful. Gypsy's in a worrying situation. People think she's a fraud and there is discreditable conduct. This show was on a consistent downward trajectory since 1x01.

People are aggrieved. Gypsy's father finally bothers to show up. Where was he all these years? Gypsy's dad was 17 when she was conceived and DeeDee was older. Oh icky. Why did they bother to make this in the first place? There is no narrative drive and this was lacking. Gypsy got 10 years in jail.

Best Lines:

“Had you fooled for 7 straight years.”

“She always spoke for you.”

“No version of it makes sense to me.”

Forget It Dex, It's Stumptown

Cobie Smulders becomes a PI and the fat cow from 'Person Of Interest' is in this. Dex is a gambling addcit and a veteran in this okay drama which is based on graphic novels I've never heard of. Dex is asked to find a runaway. She has a simple brother. A snotty teen snots.

There is a snotty cop. The fat cow from 'POI' is a head cop. Dex has watchfulness and lives an increasingly fugitive and treacherous existence. The runaway was violently targeted and this has dangerous and relentless velocity. A food truck owner is a CI and there are darker and harder motifs.

There are misanthrophic people. Dex avails herself of a car, she has self motivation and tenacity in a morally complicated world. Recklessness motivates decisions. The woman who was nearly her mother in law is mean. Does Dex have PTSD? She shags the snotty cop. Her soulmate is dead and he was the father of the runaway. There is a betryal and there is a bar called the Bad Alibi and this all takes place in Portland.

Best Lines:

“That's water and power folks! Now we play for beer and cable.”

“Just blew your military disability cheque at the craps table.”

“My father rebellious grand-daughter's run away again.”

“Careful turning over old stones.”

“Free beer which you like.”

“Not exactly job material.”

“Guests of the confederated tribes.”

“Death by Yelp.”

“Check for a wire.”

“Good thing I wore my second best bra.”

“Escalated our troubles.”

“A one night stand again?”

“Something very wrong here!”

Hooray For Hollywood

In Hollywood's golden age, they shared a silver screen dream but in this town they can be anyone except themselves. Jack Castello wants to be a star. Darren Criss is not in this ep. Jack is a former solider turned wannabe actor. He has no apparent talent except being really really good looing. People adopt aggressive tones.

Jack's wife is pregnant with twins. Such dramatics are beneath the dignity of the subject. There is calculated rudeness from Jack's wife. There is no sense of national purpose. Dylan McDermott owns a petrol station where young men in silly caps service the customers.

This was dreadful and Hollywood is a foul, broken, alien place. McDermott sees being a jerk not so much an inalienable right as a lifestyle perk. Jack goes to work ho-ing in a suspiciously unstained uniform. He services an embittered wife, then dresses up as cop inexplicably and 'arrests' a screenwriter and turns him into a petrol station ho. Why?

Jack is dumb. Hollywood is evil, banal and thankless. Jack is constantly cowed and it's not the viewer's place to question TPTB's decisions. Jack does questionable duties to get an opportunity from Patti Lupone. This is a counterfactual piece of wish fulfilment about a group of marginalised outsiders apparently, but that part of the plot hasn't kicked in yet.

There is a culture of intimidation and control. This was not elegant, gripping, innovative or minimalist. People do demented rantings and this was imperfect and not compelling. It wasn't even played with some charm. There is no apocalyptic rancour and Jack gains bitter experience. This was not enchanting. His pimp/boss has performative scorn. Rich people have earned the right to dominate. This purports to explore the 40s. 'Feud' did it better.

Best Lines:

“The rewards for ambition.”

“Pretty face but no training.”

“We contribute to the reality of the scene.”

“Left their cow towns.”

“Bad cough I can't shake.”

“He's real polite about it.”

“Cold weiners.”

“I was in pictures. Silent films. Good ones too.”

“We got married. I've been punishing him ever since.”

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