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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'State Of Happiness' trailer

Seems to be about the North Sea oil discovery. A Yank punches people and bothers the poors.

Best Line:

“Drill the last well.”

'We Hunt Together' promo


'Into The Night' promo


'Don't Wake Daddy' promo


Sparkling lime and jasmine – too sweet.

Gluten free multiseed gourmet sodabread toasts – okay.

Basil pesto – okay.

There was a fox in Grafton Street!

I'll review 'My Dark Vanessa', 'The Pack', 'The Deck Of Omens', 'The Southern Book Club's Guide To Slaying Vampires', 'The Unsettling Stars' and 'The Boys' season 1.

I've a jackdaw who comes to be fed.

Who saw 'The Land Girls'?

My ex doesn't ache with longing to see me again. I seem to be a mistake he regrets.

'Run' is terrible and full of selfish cheaters:

Best Lines:

“Brilliantly perfect.”

“Don't be that guy.”

“I walked out on my life.”

“I do all the work, you get all the praise.”

“Trained for nothing.”

“People are mad at me.”

“Still your own best audience.”

“I'm not apologising.”

“I don't want talking.”

“Where is the school?”

“Very serious lawsuits.”

“She ran out on her family yesterday.”

'Cold Justice' Quotes:

“41 years in the ground.”

“String of mysterious deaths around her.”

“Leads are lost to time.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Habitual behaviour change.”

“A very grim assessment.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Bully the virus out of existence.”

'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' Quotes:

“You are no hero to the Empire!”

“I will be.”

'Pain, Pus and Poison' Quotes:

“Prise open long closed medieval minds.”

“Fought an enemy armed with more weapons more savage than anything we could dream of.”

“World's most deadly lifeforms.”

“Greatest evils ever collected in 1 place.”

“Became rather unfriendly.”

“Infected animal matter.”

“Age old nonsence.”

“Hostile bacteria.”

“Luck, logic and sheer hard work.”

“Proved ill founded.”

“Half of those who went into a septic ward never came out alive.”

“Completely unable to enthuse others.”

“This was a massive moment.”

“More obviously enthused.”

“Made the incurable curable.”

“The death of at least 300 million people in the 20th century alone.”

“Going back 3500 years.”

“As secure as it is possible to get.”

“Target zero.”

“Worst possible places.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“The leafiness of a suburb is not guarantee of good behaviour.”

“Escalation pathway.”

“Behave responsibly?”

“Limted life prospective.”

“Mass societal endeavour.”

“Is not published in a coherent fashion.”

“No stranger to provocation politics,”

“Desperate need for hope.”

“People stop taking vaccines or start burning down telecoms masts.”


“The motif of her saintliness.”

“Believe there is a hidden structure to the world.”

“Someone, somewhere is in control, no matter how malevolent they may be.”

“Truth seeker community.”

“Casual explanations.”

“Constant uncovering.”

“Invaluable social value.”

'Ireland: am' Quote:

“Lost her privacy, her income and her reputation.”

'Killer Clergy' Quotes:

“I am not feeling that trust.”

“What a horrible choice. Which he created for himself.”

'The Irish Sun' Quotes:

“Rich people would carry the key to their tea caddy hung around their neck to prevent their staff from stealing it.”

“The china people used was of such poor quality that it would crack under the heat of boiling water.”

“Rushing onto a busy road to rescue a snake.”

“Not only lost him but my privacy and job.”

“Not afraid to say it as it is – and frequently did so.”

“Grief shatters.”

“Suspect it will be hell for a long time still.”

“Delayed recognition.”

“Source of stress.”

“Dreaded filming in the show's famous pool – because it was “gross”.”

“Rantings have turned increaisngly dark.”

“Read horrible things about us.”

“Think that's a normal relationship.”

“Menacing text message.”

“Won't forgive vile abuse.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“I would cast him out! It's the only way he's going to learn.”

“Don't you have 5 homes?”


“Why don't you just ring the doorbell?”

“Because it hurts my feelings when I look through the window and see you hiding behind the sofa.”

“Going to a 3rd rate college that Oliver will mock her for.”

“I don't want a baby! I want a purse!”

“What has she ever give you? Lice?”

“Kindness nonsence.”

“I should never have let you give that homeless person a granola bar.”

'Back To The Future II' Quote:

“Took his life and flushed it completely down the toilet.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Hood legend.”

“Create positive impact.”

'Neighbours' Quote:

“Turning away from me.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quote:

“Appears to be ungood.”

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