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Supergirl 5x13+The Flash 6x13 + Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt For The Bone Collector 1x02+The Time Tunnel 1x30

It's A Super Life

Kara is offered a chance to see how things could have turned out differently. Kara claims Lex and Lena are planning something horrible. STFU. Why does Alex think Lena is planning to hurt people? STFU. Kara uses stupid nicknames. Kara's apparently caring nature and earnest promises are a lie. Lena belived Kara and co were her friends.

Alex and Kara are so convinved of their moral purity and see Lena as morally compromised. Kara found Lena's animosity hard to bear until she didn't. Lena has a distorted view of people's intentions. Sam aka Reign shows up. Kara's deterimental. Lena's unappreciated and there is no honesty or pain in this badly acted banal ep. This season is deliberately aimless.

Supergirl's sneers of derision and paranoid focus and unjust ongoing maligning of Lena went horribly wrong. This was the dreckiest dreck that ever drecked. Kara is remorselessly fascistic. Did Lex turn Lena to his own agenda? Kara's lack of investment of effort in Lena's friendship led to its irrevocable collapse. Mon-El shows up to orate. Lena did no worse than Kara and Kara failed Lena at a terrible cost. Mon-El the slaver frat boy jerkass plays the victim. Lord I hate him. Lena's pain and anger is obsessively consuming her to the point of apocalyptic pessimism.

Lena deserves love, respect and safety. In one possible timeline Reign killed Lena and Mon-el. Kara has no value. The unravelling of Kara and Lena was due to Kara thinking she is stalwart and with fundamental virtues. Supergirl and Lena become partners and save the world in another timeline. Kara still does unfair treatment of Lena which shows she's no connoisseur of empathy.

Chad Lowe shows up. As does Lockwood. Supergirl rescued Lena from the ravages of Lockwood at a price. Lena is revenge-bent and Lockwood and Otis plotted. Change becomes impossible to achieve for Kara. Lena had uncomplicated reverence for Kara in one timeline. TPTB fail to engage seriously. Winn lurked. There is no James.

Kara misled Lena intentionally. There is no Cat. Kara is profoundly ungrateful and mean to Lena in the end. Lena is lonely. Kara is detrimental and Kara claims to deeply regret hurting Lena but at the end does it again! In one timeline a dark Lena ruled due to being driven mad by the actions of Lex and Lillian who made her into Metallo. This was futility. I wish Mon-El would go away. Kara has serious resolve and strong opposition to Lena at the end. Lena's accent slips.

There is talk of a magic hat. Reign rampages and an evil Brainy lurks. Kara bullies Lena some more. Why does Lena leave her doors open? Kara does serious damage. Lena craves esteem. Kara allows no deviation from her way. Kara is not accountable for her own actions yet calls Lena a baddie to her face and goes off to party with her friends.

Kara loves to be right merry at Lena's expense. Bitch. I hate her. I forecast calamity. There is sap. The cumulative effect of Kara's crap will lead to trouble. Lena's haunted and everyone offers themselves to Kara as emotional support but Lena has no one as Kara committed another vilest betrayal.

Best Lines:

Thinks that she is your enemy.”

“Made your best friend feel like a big dumb idiot.”

“I'm awful!”

“Supergirl was so horrible.”

“So much exposition.”

“Powerful help.”

“Give Lena the credibility her last name never could.”

“Hides in plain sight as a human.”

“Surrender the imp or die!”

“Get the hat!”

“You'll die screaming.”

“I was liked.”

“I'm done blaming myself for your bad decisions.”

Grood Friended Me

Who are these new people? Barry does not care that Earth 2, Harry and Jesse were all wiped out. Barry whines about the Crisis changes which include Pied Piper being a boring meta thief now. There is a new title card. Barry ignores the crap he pulled with Flashpoint and Barry's careless and a whiner. It's always all about Barry isn't it? Iris yells at some random woman. A Wells talks to some random bint.

People are extremely acrimonious and openly provoke. I do not know what is going on and do not care. There is no startingly intensity. The bint needs to shut up. Barry whines about things being ineffably different and alien. There are unspoken tragedies and a psychological and emotional adjustment. Barry whines and there is no narrative context. Ronnie built the pipeline and this ep wasn't loved. Stupidity is a consistent feature. Barry and co do vituperative diatribes.

Joe is still a patronising ass – die already. Grodd's back. Barry's impatient and intolerant and Lord I hate him. Barry is an animal abusing twit. One watches with horrified fascination at how crap this show is now. Barry won't listen to dissenting opinions. Iris isn't Iris but a fake? Barry needs to STFU. Gorilla City is on Earth Prime. Barry is a bigoted moron who needs to STFU. Barry whines about the changing world that he doesn't like. What is Eva? Is Thawne back?

Best Lines:

“Epically cold.”

“He can fly now.”

“Since when was there a train here?”

“Know and can barely stand.”

“Science words.”

God Complex

The Bone Collector has a family and is a foresnics tech. There is another killer killing to the tune of Greek myth or something. Rhyme shames a murder victim and orates. I've no idea what happened in this ep.

Town Of Terror

An alien shows up wearing a terrible mask in this terrible ep.

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