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Batwoman 1x05 + Outer Banks 1x04 Reviewed 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

Mine Is A Long And A Sad Tale

Alice steals skin from the dead. Jacob should feel immense shame and a torment of anxiety for his horribly unwise voluntary abandonment of Beth. Alice has a lack of empathy. A horrifying series of events happened to Beth after the crash. Jacob does not listen. Kate learns Catherine faked Beth's death. Alice is nihilistic. Why isn't Jacob divorcing Catherine?

Beth was 'rescued' by a creepy man and keep prisoner by him and his creepy son. These tragic cirumstances helped make her into Alice. Sophie is the worst, the worst! Alice's voice drips with contempt. In the comics, Jacob admitted that Beth was always his favourite.

Mary's an idiot. Jacob has no measured sorrowful conviction. Mary learns how awful her mother is. There is bad acting and wanton stupidity. Jacob has defiance of reason. Beth was kept behind tightly closed doors. This was not entirely convincing. Neither Jacob or Sophie come across as pleasant. There are many non-ominious flashbacks and a mention of Bludhaven. This not particularly creative or loopily grim.

Alice sporadically looks sad for she has a tragic past. This was not disturbing or enthralling. Luke bores and Mary has eternal martyrdom. Jacob still won't say Alice is Beth until she whips out a knife. Sophie is engaged in betryal. This was not horribly evocative and some scenes are intolerably dark. This was not properly frightening. Jacob was and is unencumbered by any obligation or sense of urgency about Beth. Kate is drugged and in peril.

Alice apportions blame. There is a brief reference to the 'Elseworlds' crossover. This was not really unsettling. Alice has particular venom and Jacob only intensifies Alice's distain. Jacob adheres to a narrow ghastly definition of masculinity. The plot is of the familiar sort. There is talk of an attack that is coming. This was an irrelevance. Alice embodies bottomless rage. Is there incalculable darkenss gathering on the horizon of the future?

Best Lines:

“Too sick even for her.”

“Sadistic even for you.”

“Funeral for Bambi.”

“First worse day of my life.”

“If I say yes will you leave?”

“That was just the first day.”

“Wicked witch of Gotham.”

“Do you think she killed that deer too?”

“Bat in a bra.”

“Why was there a face in a sink?”

Spy Games

John B's supervision free home life is over. This was okay if not resonant and it has no emotional heft. There is no sign of the treasure on the wreck. People long ago judged John B. There is no pschological realism. John B and co are greviously disappointed. John B's social worker wants to put him in foster care. John B is stupid and makes a negative impression.

What are the motivations for people taking an interest in John B? Sarah bitches and the pathetic John B steals and is destined for a fall from grace. Insurance won't cover the sunken boat. There is shirtlessness and Sarah is such a bitch. John B learns of a mystery surrounding a previously unknown survivor of the HMS Royal Merchant.

People sin collectively. This has no unrivalled merit. JJ waves the stolen gun. This was not innovative. This was staggeringly daft. The cop from 1x01 finally resurfaces. The female cop ponders. Sarah is onerous as she and John B head for the mainland. John B has a catastrophic impact on himself. The rich are racists and John B has justified bitterness and needs to defend himself from his own incompetence and inadequate responses.

Things are not confronted and framed with the gravity and urgency required. Sarah is such a ho. Sarah says her dad was born poor and goes shopping with John B. Sarah, John B, Pope and co are all 16?!? There is no reassurance. The compass has been stolen. Sarah and her fellow rich people have bad actions, behaviour and attiudes. There is a fist fight and firestarting.

The rich are awful and behave aggressively and have angry responses. John B is never wary. John B learns of a letter written in a lost language. Pope faces charges because the rich are vile. Sarah is a bitch, Pope is arrested and does a perp walk. JJ fake confesses to save Pope. John B kisses Sarah, this is enjoyable soap opera that reminds me of 'Hidden Palms'.

Best Lines:

“Eclipse rare.”

“Boyfriend with his frosted tips.”

“Lost Creole language.”

“Posse's coming for him.”

“Why is this my fault?”

“Because it usually is.”

“It's always my fault, no matter what.”

“Enough of the regret.”

“From off, didn't know the currents.”

“Stepped up to the big leagues.”

“Stupid yacht clubs filled with hollow people.”

“Not everything's my fault.”

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