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Book Review: Edward & Mrs Simpson

Edward & Mrs Simpson by S.C.H Smith

This 1978 tv tie-in is a novelisation of an Edward Fox tv series about Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson. This was badly written and full of sexism and classism and racism. This was not an edifying read and it was not thematically groundbreaking.This was only 191 pages long. This was dated. Edward VIII's many moral lapses are excused. He and Wallis were broth ghastly people.

Edward and Mrs Simpson | Television Heaven

Best Lines:

“Pained sulking.”


“Fortunately born,”

“Ghastly government sahibs and their stringy wives and spotty daughters gawping at you like crocodiles.”

“Shielded him from contact with any cultivated mind, any advanced thinking.”

“By my order and my father's before me.”

“A shabby abandonment of duty.”

“One is so perpetually disappointed.”

“Hideous discourtesy.”

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