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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Boys' clips

The plane! The baby! I think I'll watch this.

'Harrow' promo


'Time Trap' promo


'Motherland Fort Salem' 1x07 promo


Super sweet raspberry – yum.

Gluten free Cream Crunchies – tough as old boots.

The motor in our washer/dryer has died. FFS!

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Their life dreams may unfold.”

“Tricky press landscape.”

“If we wanted to hear talking, we'd spend time with our housebound families.”

“Goes into a pub only to be set upon by violent Albanians angry about mob crime, the Eurovision song contest and lazy sterotyping.”

“A huge filth-soaked man in underpants and wellies. I know that this isn't unusual these days – it's week five in a lockdown.”

“That provide the only access to and from the island.”

“Sudden desperate hard work.”

“Endure the endless empty calender of life on a rock in the middle of the ocean.”

“Complete repudiation.”

“Deliberately traumatised during their incarceration in order to ensire compliance,”

“Absolutely inviolable position,”


“Increase the level of fear and worry.”

“Contienence management.”

“Tax dumping.”

“Things we tolerated as a society-”

“Engender uncertainty and fear.”

“Incited violence against the family and the family home.”

“View every passing stranger as a biohazard.”

“Worse than any Stephen King novel you can imagine.”

'Pain, Pus & Poison' Quotes:

“The joy plant.”

“It sounds insanely dangerous.”

“Waiting for the applause, which never came.”

“Intellectual beverage.”


'Sky News' Quotes:

“It's a fact.”

“Yeah, sure it is.”

'Archaeology: A Secret History' Quotes:

“Scientific thought in action.”

“Distant epochs of time.”

“Mysterious cultures that came before.”

“Intellectual tensions.”

“Big men of science.”

“Failed to make it onto Noah's Ark.”

“Deep time.”

“Accepted truth.”

“Against established belief.”

'Snapped' Quotes:

“The way they used to be.”

“A family's dark suspicions.”

“Some ransacking done.”

“Visceral dislike.”

'King Arthur's Britian: The Truth Unearthed' Quotes:

“Recorded history stopped.”

“Lived to serve the empire.”

“600 years before his own time.”

“Far from local.”

“Fragments of a half remembered past.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quites:

“Doing the disappearing.”

“The that way.”

“Something uplifting.”

“Tells us you is.”

“The creative juices are the flowing now.”

“That is not the fair!”

“The louder!”

“That dungeon chic vibe.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Picking speeds.”

“Soft fruit belt.”

'Last Of The Summer Wine' Quotes:

“Give it a rest woman we're on holiday.”

“Great useless heaps.”

“Can't ruffle my iron self control.”

“Typical tory remark.”

“Certain standard of behaviour.”

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