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Star Trek Voyager 7x17 + The Time Tunnel 1x27 Reviewed

Workforce, part 2

The crew have lost their names, their own clothes and their individuality in this absolutely horrible ep. The whole issue of Janeway boffing and moving in with a stranger she's known for 2 weeks is shrugged off. Harry is egoless and nothing ever has any lasting effect. This was written by hack writers and the massively dramatic change is shrugged off. Aliens have evil and bad ways of living.

This was not brilliant and how do the aliens replace everything that was there before? This was grating and not right or good. This was a giant groundheave and it was also underlit, forced, stupid and not interesting.

Merlin The Magician

The idiot time travellers in their clean pressed clothes encounter Arthur and Merlin. This show is terrible and unwatchable.

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