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Outer Banks 1x02&1x03+Supergirl5x12+VOY7x16+Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt For The Bone Collector (2020) 1x01

The Lucky Compass

John B has found his father's compass (passed down for generations). How does John B afford fuel for his boat if he's so poor? How does he have a boat? John B fancies a rich bitch named Sarah. John B is never any sort of intellectual. There are moral trangressions. Even nice guys will do horrible things when they think no one's going to find out. Rich brats who live in rarefied echelons are snots.

Sarah doesn't apologise for her violent boyfriend attacking John B. People have an inability to appreciate the depth of John B's emotional obsession about his missing dad. People are not immune to their own lies. Thugs beat up a woman. John B and JJ do nothing. John B and his mates are fauxhemians.

The compass is important but nobody says why. John B questions the battered woman. Sarah plays near downed live power lines. Rich brats brat. John B and his gang yell and are just plain annoying. I am not an ardent devotee of this ep. The rich brats are unrelentingly awful. The thugs thug. How did John B's dad get blueprints of the lost HMS ship? A thug stares at chickens. Where is the male cop from 1x01? JJ kills a poor chicken. There are no moments in this that deserve to be taken seriously.

There is inequality on the island. John B relentlessly refuses to do what is best for him. A rich preppie badmouths poor people, who provide him and his kin necessary services. Nobody is a respectful presence. John B has an enduring family memory that has festered for years. There is a lighthouse and this was wilfully confusing.

A crazy lighthouse keeper babbles about the HMS Royal Merchant. There is bad acting and this was irritating. Grevious are the consequences of anger. The lighthouse keeper causes trouble and negative feelings. There are negative patterns of communication. John B is defensive and angry and stressed and upset. Who puts a clue on compass?

There is no reassuring affection. The cops harass John B and his unexpressed grief. John B is fired by Sarah's dad. The spoilt princess Sarah sneers at John B. Thugs chase John B through a residential neighbourhood in broad daylight – nobody cares. John B firsestarts and walks off getting zapped by a fallen live power line. This was indecorous and don't John B's gang have jobs? This was an absurd mess set in anxious and uncertain times.

Best Lines:

“Minus air.”

“That's convenient.”

“Get better friends.”

“Smokes too much weed.”

“She just wants attention.”

“Calm down I'm an athlete.”

“Sorry that I care.”

Waiting for death.”

“Not liking this very much.”

“Killed in a crop dusting accident.”

“He died in action.”

“Sort of.”

“A death compass.”

“Fit through the hole? That hole?”

“Threatened. Shot at. Home invaded.”

“Got 2 kids on drugs up here.”

“Kind of promising.”

“Most famous shipwreck of all time!”

“Hang out with trash.”

“Some people need jobs.”

The Forbidden Zone

Sarah flaunts her thong swimsuit on her boyfriend's $200,000 boat. She whines about John B blaming her for getting fired. Sarah makes deliberate recourse to sneering and she's clearly deliberately awful. She never demonstrates friendliness or decency. There is 400 million on the HMS Royal Merchant. The foursome plan to steal a drone from an impound yard.

Sarah and her kin are lying stealing rich trash. Sarah's brother hangs out with the thugs – he is a drug dealer. Rich people = ruinous. This ep was not consistently supriisng. Sarah is disobliging, awful and dreadful. Nobody acts with dignity or restraint. JJ stole the gun for no identifiable reason and lies.

Fishermen found 2 bodies in their net. Who are they? How did they die? Rich brats party and the poors are poor. Sarah sluts with her worthless drug sniffing boyfriend. What does the cop know? There is no joy or motivation to keep watching. Pope talks about maritime salvage laws. Rich bitch Sarah bothers John B. She likes to believe that she is more virtuous than those around her but for her, money and status matters more than anything.

Pope is harassed and beaten up by Sarah's boyfriend and brother. Pope plans revenge and sinks the boyfriend's boat. There is division and blame. Surf doubles surf. Who is paying taxes on the house John B lives in? Another storm comes in. John B and co find the wreck with the stolen drone.

Best Lines:

“We picked the wrong parents.”

“I'm sick of looking at you.”

“Don't make me go up there and get your ass!”

“Only rich people have electricity right now.”

“Turtle in the storm man!”

“A whole lot of nothing.”

Back From The Future, Part 2

Winn and William annoy. Lena is excluded. I hate these people and this ill-advised ep. One is aghast at how bad this is. Kara hasn't atoned. There is no expanded sense of possibility. Jon Cryer and Henry Czerny guest star.

The evil Winn prances as an AI. Alex is incompetent and there is no conviviality. I don't care what is coming. Andrea and Lena hag out. This is a tortuous reminder of how this show used to be good. No one is attaining their ambitions. There is no public reaction to the Crisis.

Obsidian is basically 'VR5' redux. Lena is set against everyone. Why are grown adults using the phrase: Brainy?!? Will Winn piss off?!?! Winn's dead dad shows up as an AI. Will Alex piss off? Andrea sulks and Lex is being played. Alex quits the DEO. Brainy is the new DEO director. This was straight up stinking poo.

Best Lines:

“Computer Lad.”

“Oh he can and will!”

“Lena reacted the way she did.”

“Doomed with deception.”

Workforce part 1

The crew are at work on an alien planet made of bad VFX. The Doctor whines. There are flashbacks. The Doctor is in command – FFS. One feels sheer despair oh how crappy this is. Blandly ominious baddies are bad. Paris smarms like a creepy registered future sex offender. There is a labour shortage on an alien planet so they kidnap and brainwash the crews of passing starships. The Doctor bitches and whines. GET RID OF HIM! This was a disease.


One of those 90s style omnipotent serial killers, The Bone Collector, is loose and rampaging. I heard of the Angelina Jolie/Denzel Washington movie which was apparently based on a book series. Rhyme is severly injured by The Bone Collector and the cops arrive just as the nutter walks out. Didn't they see him? 3 years pass and a rookie idiot stumbles into a crime scene.

Christopher from 'The Sopranos' plays a cop. This is a complex world. The rookie patrols a subway. She only joined the police to get a leg up into the FBI, which isn't working out as she hoped. People have complex pasts. People idolise Rhyme. There are flashbacks. Michael Imperioli and Brain F. O' Byrne co star. The killer is a copycat but the real killer (O'Byrne) is out there. The copycat portrays himself in a negative way. Oooh isn't he monstrous? This was fraught and challenging.

There are fancy graphics and Rhyme has a sense of importance. His team up with the rookie cop is fraught with difficulty. Rhyme has force of will. There are clues with urgent meaning. This was not absolutely brilliant. Rhyme is direct and forceful. There are reveals. Rhyme has a family far away, he said he didn't have one. Mmmm. He has a nurse. The nutter is revealed with a victim in his massive wine cellar. I'll watch another ep of this.

Best Lines:

“Just not smart enough.”

“Read a book or something.”

“Make good choices.”

“That's a lot of blood.”

“Examined not only the world around him, but the world beneath.”

“I don't do apologies.”

“No berating me.”

“Most infamous serial killer in the last 2 decades.”

Carriage crowd.”

“Are there sheep in Central Park?”

“Get some shovels!”

“Now comes the really terrible part.”

“Very very legally.”

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