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Movie Reviews: Deep Water + Breaking In + T2: Trainspotting + Sealed Cargo 🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺

Deep Water (2016)

A documentary about a series of attacks in Sydney in the 1980s and 1990s. The AIDS crisis overshadowed lives. People were vehemently opposed to others who suffered indignities as a result. People engaged in intimidation. This is a bleak narrative that is absolutely grim.

People had fierce personal animus. There were attacks at a hookup point. There was a climate of hostility and people who surpassed all cruelty. There was social disapproval and it put fear into a community.

All the attacks seemed to take place at the famous Bondi Beach. I never heard about any of this before. Why has this gone so long untold? A minor tv star named Ross Warren vanished without trace at Bondi – a case that remains unsolved. No one ever seems to be changed with anything. There are dramatic reconstructions.

In 1990 there was an attack in a toilet block. There are many talking heads. A teacher was murdered as well. What is a rock melon? There is pretty beach scenery yet so much horror took place there. A victim had a self protecting mechanism. But teens with brutal physicality attacked. There were belitting comments and sneakers are called joggers.

People were afraid for their safety and there were social expectations of masculinity. There is a mention at one point of 30 unsolved murders. This was a grim place and teens had impunity. There were confrontations and people punished for their behaviour. There were multiple traumatic events and where were their parents? Hatred was heaped on the victims due to shared disgust.

There is talk of police involvement and chilling similarities between cases. The predominant view was that the victims had it coming. There is talk of gangs and people felt in fear. Someone finally exposed the unsolved cases and this was okay. Who's letter was read at the end?

Best Lines:

“Bashed twice.”

“Attiude at a social level.”

“Do beats.”

“World changed.”

“Scant regard was given.”

“No compassion.”

“Ran like a mob into the park.”

“Expect nothing much to happen.”

“Risk element.”

“There's one, get him.”

“Worthy victims.”

“Lowest thing on the social ladder.”

“Cesspit of moral turpitude.”

“Didn't want to know me.”

“Different ways of being.”

“Gotta be macho.”

“As it was called once.”

“True love and happiness.”

“Pushing element.”

“Water police.”

“Stating the bleeding obvious.”

“Very senior police officers.”

“Lots of gold braid. Lovely view of the harbour.”

“Quite deficient.”

“Please do something.”

“700 unsolved homicides.”

“The lure.”

“Gang of bashers.”

“Hostility from the beginning.”

“Shameful and inadequate.”

“Someone who knows. And people do know.”

“Others not so much.”

“Stay evil.”

“Read Plato together.”

“A beat or not.”

“What did they get?”

“Ill-conceived news and beliefs.”

Breaking In (2018)

Billy Burke stars in this dull tale of a mom taking on robbers who have her kids trapped inside her dead dad's fortified house. Who has a walk in closet? Nobody saw the man get run over? There was exposition and the daughter and her two kids go to her father's remote lake house.

The house has a massive security sytem. There is a drone and a kitchen fruitbowl has fruit that hasn't gone off. Home invaders attack. The enemies are closer than they thought. There is nothing left there for her anymore. She stabs a guy with the stem of a broken wineglass. The home invaders are looking for a safe and make no attempt to disguise their identity.

Billy Burke orates endlessly. What did her father do? She sets off fireworks and fights to save her children. The house has a bizarre crawlspace and there is too much talking. Burke plays on peoples misery. I'm just not interested in this tension free film.

Best Lines:

“Some people get paranoid.”

“Your father needed someone to blame and he chose you.”

“What he's done.”

“It all costs.”

“Calm yourself down!”

“Alone, at the mercy of strangers.”

“Lot of damn nature out here.”

“I found him the same place I found you. Doing 3 to 5 in County. Only he wasn't on his knees in a shower stall.”

T2: Trainspotting (2017)

There is swearing as middle aged men scream that they are still relevant. Damn it! This was bad.

Sealed Cargo (1951)

Boring WW2 movie.

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