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Movie Reviews: Cofee & Kareem + Dark Light

Cofee & Kareem (2020)

Taraji P. Henson of 'Person Of Interest' is a single mom in Detroit who dates a cop to the massive shock of her potty mouthed tween son. The son sees perceived slights and real life refuses to conform to what Kareem has seen in his favourite movies. He plans to ask a gangster to kick his would be stepdad's ass.

The cop has a mean coworker (Betty Gilpin of 'GLOW'). Kareem is darkly jealous and a gangster escapes custody and kills people. The cop faces persistent harassment and humiliation. Kareem is noisy with frustration. Many attendant miseries are heaped on the cop who carries the weight of the criticism.

The cop severely mismanages outrageous calumny. Kareem is a foul mouthed rap fan and is unduly negative. Kareem has unfair perceptions and deeper causes of mistrust and he's an outright disgrace. There is continuing commitment to dumb choices.

Kareem is disruptive from the start and plans the downfall of those who dare to challenge him. His shallow self absorption sees him witness a crime. The gangster chases him and Kareem keeps on being stupid and sexist. This whole movie is stupid and sexist. This was disastrously flawed and there is gunfire and Kareem has no apprehension, uncertainty and anxiety. Kareem is not regretful. Where is the social fallout of all this?

There is a cascade of trouble. Kareem entirely rejects sense. This was unconvincing and there are negative social consequences. The cop, Kareem and the mom head into danger. This was not very interesting. There is violence and toxic masculinity. The cop ends up on the news and not in a good way.

Kareem tasers his mom. This was not socially engaged and people are desperate and determined. Kareem is dangerously obsessed. The cop is branded a psycho cop. Kareem is tersely awful admid the peril, seriousness and rising panic. This was not fateful and there is no dramatic urgency. There are lethal issues and Kareem has no concern. There is a hopeless problem and Kareem derides and disparages.

Kareem has a repertoire of behaviour and is exasperating. He planned wilful assault and unnecessary suffering. There is a fight in a drug lab and serious undertones are shrugged off. How little was expected and how little was delivered. The mean cop has indecent relish. This is not of great consequence. There is a pent up yearning for violence and no innate dynamism. The cop has a capacity to surmount trials.

There is betrayal, unforseen events and survival demands ingenuity, patience and humility and resilence and solidarity and a collective capacity to overcome adversity. There is criminal intent and collective gasps and yelling and swearing and this doesn't necessarily make sense. Kareem gets away with everything.

The single mother is thankless and lets her brat son away with it all. They ends up in a precarious situation. The baddie is grimly obvious and the mean cop has an absolute last resort having exhausted all other options. There is no emotional regulation and nobody supplies them with sense. There is no reflection on issues.

People are intractable and there is no underlying merit. There are fundamental challenges and there is rapprochement and this was unbelievably stupid. There is widespread condemnation and people act under the threat of violence. If you have nothing to do in life: watch this.

Best Lines:

“Shy is not the word I would use.”

“That is not the response I was looking for.”

“Just got out of juvie.”

“Only perverts wear crocs.”

“Grind the old coffee bean.”

“Showing everyone how to earn detention.”

“Dope ass Nic Cage movie.”

“You were BFFs with a grown ass man? That's so sick! There's literally documentaries on Netflix about why that's so sick!”

“You're not being stealthy.”

“Pay us in loose change.”

“Shoot back!”

“That's what you're concerned about?”

“Dangerous psychotic break.”

“Keto bullsh*t.”

“Take you to the nastiest stripclub in all of Detroit.”

“Grooming me to be your child wife.”

“It's messed up that you're threatening me with that. But it's also messed up that you thought of it.”

“F***k you until you love me.”

“I handled them like their mothers should have.”

“All of your sexual needs and desires.”

“So broke and sad.”

“You need to stay off reddit.”

“Step to it bitch!”

“Murder-suicided it.”

“Horrible choices.”


Dark Light (2019)

A mother faces significant difficult and unnecessary stress. She shot her ex husband and now their daughter is missing. This is told in flashback. There are shattered lives and this was a major failure. There is rumour mongering and this was appalling. The mother is loathsome she is unconcerned and has a superior and antagonistic tone. This was inconsequential.

There are irreversible impacts in this fiasco and there is a vague threat. This causes a hugely negative reaction. There is dissonance and the mother is crass. Did she do an unconscionable thing? She struggles to function and has a history of crack ups.

It is not a time of unease. The mother fails to endear herself and is not agreeable company. There is no forgiving vagueness and no tension or wit. People have ulterior self interested motives in extraordinarily difficult cirumstances.

The mother is a nasty woman in a ramshackle film full of unnecessarily murky confusion. She propesies doom and is cold and unforgiving. Enemies are circling and she has inability. She watches a youtube video about lizard people or something. There is no strange sense of unease. There is collective distrust and resentment which spills over into violence. There is bad acting and no likeability just rancour.

She's not virtuous. Leave the damn house! There is no intrigue and this is not a dark paranoid fantasy. I've an aversion to this dull improbable mess. There is a sense of abandonment and disilusionment. This is not subtle and the mother is unambiguously malign. This was not laden with tragedy.

There is exposition and this was an empty void of non-strangeness. This was a nuisance and the mother expresses her displeasure. One is visibly appalled by this abominaton. There is a shotgun, a stash and a 'monster'.

Best Lines:

“Why aren't you helping me?”

“I'm sorry you're back here again.”

“No you're not.”

“Not kids in the field.”

“Saw lights again last night.”

“I believe you.”

“Do you?”

“You are not fine.”

“Are you having another nervous breakdown?”

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