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Book Review: Moonbreaker

Moonbreaker by Simon R. Green

The 'hero' is plague stricken and he and his bint galpal run around causing clamour. There is no sense of purpose in this series anymore as grave consequences are shrugged off as Eddie engages in his favourite hobby of flesh tearing and soul harvesting. There is no eerie sense of dread or quality.

Best Lines:

“Nasty little secrets.”

“Hostile incursions.”

“Reaching out for help that would never come.”

“Wars no one was allowed to remember.”

“Something was called up here and not put down again properly.”

“A prison within a prison, because we had to be sure, or we'd never have felt safe again.”

“Carry the burden of that knowledge.”

“I'll never give up.”

“Yes you will, I thought.”

“The angel God set in place outside the Gates of Eden with a flaming sword, to make sure humanity could never get back inside.”

“Ask for his mercy; we have none.”

“Droods aren't afraid of Heaven or Hell. It's our job to make them afraid of us.”

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