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Movie Reviews: Through My Father's Eyes+Hellbound: Hellraiser II+Tunes Of Glory+ 4 others 🪓🪓🪓🪓

Ronda Rousey Story: Through My Father's Eyes (2019)

There is ponderous narration in this sports documentary. Ronda was born in 1987 and conquered the UFC, the Olympics and the WWE. A guy called the godfather of grappling is one of many talking heads interviewed. MMA is discussed. Ronda's mother was a Judo world champion in 1984 (and later got a phd) and Ronda won an Olympic bronze medal.

Sleazy looking dudes talk. She was a Hulk Hogan fan. She had speech issues as a child and was home schooled and there was a death in her family. Is this objective truth? This was incongruous and there is grappling. There is no fearsome candour and this was not warmly received. This was not engaging and detailed.

This was not endearingly frank. She went to the Beijing Olympics where she became the 1st American woman to win a medal in Judo. This does not substantially engage with the topic in any meaningful way.

Best Lines:

“Kick us.”

“Managing my anger fine.”

“Fear the wrath of my mother.”

“Not so well.”

“Off she went to Athens.”

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

Doug Bradley, Clare Higgins and Ashely Laurence star in this sequel. Bradley looks odd without his Pinhead make up. There is a big reveal that Pinhead the Hell Priest was once human. There is prurience and viciousness by gross guys who you're probably fortunate enough not to know. There is impending doom and flashbacks.

People are blank eyed with terror. A monstrously callous evil shrink runs a nut ward. Unutterably vile things happen. A girl named Tiffany doesn't speak but she solves puzzles. The nut house is a deathtrap confinement. There is dejection and this franchise has no brilliant provocation only cultish appeal. There is no grim undercurrent of fear. There is lingering disquiet. Where is the daughter's boyfriend? There is an onslaught of violence.

Pinhead is a bone chillingly merciless enemy. There is madness, horror and existential dread. The shrink has monstrous self regard which leads to lamentable consequences. Julia is revived and she has obsessive lust. How did the daughter know the phrase Cenobites? There are terrible and evil choices in this rather charmless film.

The Cenobites do things to you against your will but also make you enjoy it. There are petty concerns and pointless follies by the irresponsible shrink. How did the shrink find so many puzzle boxes? Who made all the puzzle boxes? This was wearily simplistic. This tries for an intense, disorienting, suffocating atmosphere.

The shrink has sheer malevolence and fantastical events take place unnoticed. Various people are in a doomed institutional spiral. There is body horror and splatterpunk which is not evocatively portrayed. This is diarrheal in places. The shrink does not examine his emotions and actions. The daughter heads back to her house, which is different. Julia (who was supposed to be the big bad of the franchise) and the shrink trick the mute girl into opening the puzzle box.

Pinhead gets a big dramatic backlit entrance. Pinhead sees through the trick, it is desire that calls them. Pinhead and co then wander off. The daughter runs into hell with no expression of dread. Hell is underlit. She is bereft. Poor dumb Larry was doomed to hell by being murdered. Pleading and begging for mercy will do no good. Julia wears 80s earrings. Hell is a bad matte painting and imprecations are screamed.

There is unsuppressed anger and Julia's a bitch. What life has brought her to. The pervy bad touch uncle is in hell. There is bad VFX. Tiffany finally speaks. The daughter, Kirsty, saw a photo of a solider and somehow recognises him as Pinhead. Cenobites can die. The evil shrink, Channard, kills them all including Pinhead.

One Cenobite was a teenage boy. The usurper Channard doesn't last long. Pinhead came back in the sequels. The VFX is plastic looking. WTF was the ending scene?

Best Lines:

“Messed up real bad.”

“My father's wife.”

“Your suffering will be legendary even in hell.”

“Hell was what he wanted and hell was what he got.”

“Julia. That bitch.”

“When I think, I hurt.”

“This is terrible.”

“This is my hell.”

“You belong to me.”

“He is in his own hell child and quite unreachable.”

“We have eternity to get to know your flesh.”

“The god I serve in this world and yours. The god of flesh, hunger and desire.”

“Lord of the Labyrinth.”

“And to think, I hesitated.”

Tunes Of Glory (1960)

Wihout virtue.

Best Line:

“Horrible little filthy man you.”

Carry On Up The Khyber (1968)

There are cod-Indian accents and much talk of underpants in this spoof. There are multifarious consequences to idiot Brits abroad. People expect the worst and there are societal and moral implications and talk of Tiffin. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“No need for antagonism.”

“Taken your woman.”

“Destroy our reputation for toughness.”

“Call me an elephant.”

Jackals (2017)

This horror is set in the 1980s and is apparently based on a true story. This was okay. A young man, Justin, is 'rescued' from a cult by his family. He treats his dad, mom, brother, girlfriend and baby daughter with distain. A cult deprogrammer issues orders and is utterly ineffective. The mom has bad cosmetic surgery and the cult wants him back. The 'rescued' son looks and talks like a junkie, a murderous cultist wears a belly shirt and there is death and violence. Unfortunately for society, the cult's reign of violence will go on.

Best Lines:

“Turn into a complete lunatic.”

“Wasn't paying attention to his life.”

“Rejoin the psycho brigade.”

The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

A mysterious mist changes a man. He shrinks and turns into an abusive cheating jerk. What happened to the cat? This was not good.

Rough Night (2017)

Sorority girls all grown up party and kill a stripper in this fetid mess.

Best Lines:

“Swimming in dick!”

“When the pepperspray hits your face and it will; keep your mouth closed tight!”

“Would some more cocaine make you feel better?”

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