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Movie Review: Mindhunters

Mindhunters (2004)

Harris (Val Kilmer) a supercilious twit sends a group of wannabe profilers to a remote island for training. There it becomes apparent that there is a killer among them. JD (Christian Slater of ‘Heathers’) takes a shower and then dies via liquid nitrogen. Lucas (Jonny Lee Miller) has a dodgy US accent. Sara (Kathryn Morris of ‘Minority Report’ and ‘Cold Case’) is accused. Gabe (LL Cool J) takes his shirt off and Nicole (Patricia Velasquez of ‘The Mummy Returns’) dies in the most stupid manner possible.

Are we supposed to believe these are wannabe elite profilers? They’re losers, jerks and idiots. This film is a badly acted rip-off of ‘Saw’. The killer even makes a movie villain speech to rival Jigsaw’s. The underwater climax does look nice but there’s not an original idea in this.

Best Lines:
“No one leave this room.”
“Since when is this room safe?”
“Since we’re all in it.”

“You’ve been lying to us since we got here.”
“That doesn’t make me the killer.”
“The dead people does.”
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