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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'In My Skin' promo


'Star Trek The Next Generation' 3x15 promo


Hazelnut Torte choc – yum.

Creme Brulee choc – okay.

Raspberry infusion choc – okay.

Key Limey pie choc – okay.

Extra Dark Lindt - okay.

My ex committed the ultimate betryal with no forgiveness.

RIP Tim Brooke Taylor.

'Maxx' has been dumped by E4 after only 1 ep, well it was crap.

'RTE News' Quote:

“Local people only.”

'48 Hours' Quote:

“Gonna be bad for you.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Ha! I repeat ha!”

“Sweet batarang Jesus!”

“Begone spoiler boy!”

“Our son is going to choose evil!”

“Telling it like it is. Also a crime now.”

“We're Simpsons Dad. We don't do good behaviour.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Whatever food I could steal from the dollar store.”

“Throwing cast iron skillets at me.”

“She doesn't want me around anyway.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Everything is so serious right now.”

“Feel anxious, stressed and fatigued right now,”

“'Leave it on the doorstep, then take 10 steps backwards'. It's like a hostage exhange for focking banana bread.”

“Enforced seclusion.”

“Isn't some kind of quirky lifestyle choice.”

"Epochal challenge.”

“Sell us equipment that is purposefully designed to fail.”

“Right to repair.”

“Implied license to operate the vehicle.”

“Isolation will trigger an increase in violent incidents.”

“Nonfiction adherent.”

“A quirky sense of the domestic.”

“Great literary enigma.”

“Low-to-no personal profile.”

“Casting from the street, with an eye for interesting walks and shapes.”

“Apocalyptic anxiety.”

“Eat chocolate in the shape of novelty ovoids.”

“Think of themselves as important-”

“Precious portents of normalcy.”

“Socially ostracised world.”

“A matter of contention.”

“Exaggerated claims.”

“Fails to capture media attention.”

“Devout advocates.”

“Unimaginably hostile alien territory.”

“Cold and arguably psychopathic.”

“End-times obsessives.”

“Wind-blown desolation.”

“Scary situation.”

“Simplistic longing for the return of communal gatherings in churches and union halls and lamentations for the breakdown of the traditional nuclear family.”

“Ailing either physically, mentally or creatively.”

“Grass eater.”

“Quasi-normality reign.”

“Every impropriety was rigorously expelled.”

“Ill-looking strollers of either sex could never get admittance.”

“Blasphemous speaking.”

“No longer have a choice.”

“Succumbing to the virus he tried to warn others about.”

“A few people around who shouldn't be here. It's not right.”

“Life will be as it was.”

'FTWeekened' Quotes:

“Tested friendships, faith and society.”

“Shown to us as some kind of pathology.”

“Drawn value from them.”

“Role models not by their choice-”

“Took what he thought were precautions.”

“Great tide of death had abated.”

“Imperviousness to melancholy.”

“Went about their gloomy work.”

“Re-setters of history.”

“Social alterations.”

“Starkly different experiences.”

“Unwelcome family secrets.”

“Events reminiscent of another age.”

“Feeling bad about their normal lives,”

“Finding more in popular culture than had ever been acknowledged before.”

“Questionable goings-on in the loos.”

“Never wanted to see anybody in his entire life ever again.”

'Hamlet' Quotes:

“Churchywards yawn and hell itself breathes out contagion.”

“Bitter business.”

“I liked him not.”

'Snapped' Quote:

“Somewhat challenging life.”

'RT' Quotes:

“Break social isolation.”

“Not everyone is embracing the necessary changes.”

'Star Trek' (2009) Quote:

“I wish I didn't know you.”

'Zomboat' Quotes:

“All 5 'Twilight' films. Somehow the apocalypse gets worse.”

“You're Patient Zero!”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Breathtakingly insightful evocation of grief.”

“Grief-stricken outbursts of rage.”

“Reckless ambition.”

“Because Russell Brand woulkd be there. I think I'd rather have liver failure.”

“Real-life professional consequences.”

“Gratifyingly fascinated by my pain.”

“Superfically confident and gregarious but conceals his inadequacy and insecurity with vindictive barbs.”

“Shock his audiences into thought.”

“Nothing left to experience except suffering.”

“Impish expectation.”

“Edgy fringe stuff.”

“On the hunt for a posh husband.”

“Irksome frequency.”

“Rationed luxury.”

“Fearless exploration.”

“Prolonged exile from external realities.”

“Worrying concerns.”

“Died in very murky cirumstances.”

“Moral qualms.”

“The wheel of history turned.”

“Rarely his own best advocate.”

“Deep discomfort with our lives.”

“Relentless succession.”

“The devil was under their bed.”

“Inexplicable violence.”

“Malignant turning inwards,”

“Harried their children into insanity.”

“Most damning insult.”

“Great fun to read about but you wouldn't want to spend much time in their company.”

“Conflict situation.”

“Shattering experience.”

“They are not capable of thought.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Deeply unpleasant end.”

“Endless proscriptions on what may or may not be done, or worn.”

“The requirement to be present and accounted for at all times.”

'A.P. Bio' Quotes:

“Completely unhireable.”

“Fainted mouth first, onto a candle.”

“Dork recon team.”

“Part of the bully crew.”

“My life's a mess? You chose to eat next to trash!”

“Banned from the bookstore for life.”

“Cell phone salesman from the mall kiosk.”

“Disney hobo dogs.”

“The dumb rubs off on us.”

“Revenge date.”

“Far too dramatic.”

“Garbage pile of a town.”

“Turd of a personality.”

“Gateway nudity.”

“Heard your cries for justice.”

“I hate you.”


“Dried up turd town.”

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