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Book Review: Bella At The Bar: Book One, part 2

How old is Bella? Why isn't she at school? Bella is reduced to begging. Are her 'guardians' her foster parents or her relatives? Why doesn't Bella ever accept help? She's put into care. Her coach bullies her and overlooks child neglect. Every adult is an uncaring grotesque. Bella rejects help and gets a chance to train in Russia, where everyone speaks English.

A bully gets Bella kicked out of the USSR pretty quick which makes Bella a national pariah. Her ghastly carers play up her bad reputation to get in the newspapers. How did they get a beam, vaulting horse and parallel bars into their backyard?

Bella is held in distain. She has soaring ambition in her time of crisis. She's perennially unwelcome and an inevitable target of blame. Bella gets a well wisher. What started out as my mere dislike of this tale has turned into loathing.

Best Lines:

“So shove off.”

“Look at the world's wonder gymnast what got chucked out.”

“You're an utter disgrace to the country.”

“You have let your sport and your country down utterly.”

“It's Kung Fu on the other channel.”

“if Bob Benson, my coach, saw this he'd go mad.”

“My attic window has a broken pane bunged up with rags.”

“I understand not your words.”

“We'll have nothing more to do with you!”

“Bin at them carpets again!”

“This is the little monster! She doesn't look particularly evil.”

“Ruthless character who doesn't care wot she does to win.”

“Can't see nuthin' in that – standing on a beam flapping like an ol' hen on a perch.”

“There's a section called floor work. Wot's that?”

“Now you know the sort she is – real mean.”

“I've spent near an hour and a lot o'cash in the phone box.”

“There's that programme on our regional telly what rights people's wrongs.”

“Kicked out of Russia of all things.”

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