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Movie Reviews: Welcome To Mercy + The Post

Welcome To Mercy (2018)

A woman has her child on a lead as they head to Latvia. There is mumbling and she visits her harsh and onerous mother. There is no light and this goes spectacularly wrong. There is no unpredictable risk or threat. This was mortifying and dignity is long gone. There are no moral values. Are there valid motivations to people's help or do they have Machiavellian pretexts? There is a false dilemma. Tension does not simmer. This was calamitous.

The mother has a deep seated desire to be accepted and respected. There is weirdness. The grandmother has secrets. Things get feral in this disastrous 'horror'. She has stigmata or something. People make dire predictions and the mother is packed off to a convent. There is abnormal distress and this was appalling and people make vicious threats.

There are flashbacks and incidents in question and a cute kitten. Why did she submit to the priest's life usurping act? This was not feasible. There are destructive consequences. People stare blearily, this was spurious and this was not Proustian existentialism. The grandmother has more secrets. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“I don't need parenting advice from a woman who abandoned her child.”

“Struck here like the rest of us.”

“Causal clothes are not permitted.”

“They say you're cursed.”

“Others might feel threatened by you.”

“Old wounds can cause new ones.”

The Post (2017)

This was Oscar bait. Vietnam is happening. Swamp rock plays and Bruce Greenwood has shoe polish in his hair and the guy from 'The Americans' leaks papers. Nixon rants. Things are pestiferous looking. Maryl Streep is Meryl Streep. There is exposition and the frightful occupation of journalist is bigged up. Vietnam causes social shock. The plot is incoherent and dull. Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks.

This was slight and there is no emotional traction and this was not nuanced. This causes not even modest satisfaction. This was ghastliness and all absurd stupefying predictability. There is sexism and the Washington Post is a family paper. This was nonsensical. People have ideological dominion and Lawrence Durrell is mentioned and people read papers.

Idiots are belligerent and people are impatient and embittered. Hippies riot. There is talking and typing and more talking. The US media is very up itself. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“Just and peaceful world order.”

“Mighty mighty smug.”

“Knew we couldn't win in 65. That's 6 goddam years ago.”

“Lying about the Vietnam war for 30 years.”

“Street protests broke out today.”

“Are you important?”

“Knew we couldn't win.”

“Too afraid to be the one who loses the war.”

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