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Book Review: Bella At The Bar Book One, Part 1

This serial was originally published in 'Tammy & June' from June 22 1974 to Sept 7 1974 and from Mar 22 1975 to August 2 1975 and in the 1976 'Tammy' annual. Way before my time. This trade paperback was published in 2018 and so far there is no sign of Book Two.

Bella is working class, spirited, defiant and a self taught gymnast. She lives in a seedy terraced house and works as a window cleaner. Her aunt and uncle make her a servant and slap her around. Bella commits B&E and waves her bucket and gets offered lessons and obstacles pile up.

The bucket is stupid and Bella does gymnastics in her jeans. She's passionate about her purpose but doesn't know she needs to wear a leotard or perform to music. Bella is forced to perform in a music hall and is sneered at by absolutely horrendous people for being poor and abused. She's Tonya Harding and her life is a series of disputes. This irritated. What will poor Bella do now?

Best Lines:

“Bashed about,”

“The new trend of 'social realism' which was newly fashionable in UK drama and France's Cinema Verite.”

“Overtly violent background.”

“The old thing out in our backgarden.”

“Stupid monkey tricks.”

“That old bit of wood!”

“Get down 'fore I shake you off.”

“Blow! I thought uncle Jed'd still be in bed. It's only eleven.”

“20p a car.”

“Useless antics.”

“Not that sort here!”

“Come in and scrub the kitchen.”

“Gym capers.”

“I'm utterly disgusted.”

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