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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Supergirl' 5x17 promo
Lex v Kara.

'Nationwide' promo

“Eco bog walk.”

'Malory Towers' opening credits


Raspberry & Blackcurrent spritz – nice.

I feel sad and unloved.

Recall Mr Motivator?

'ESPN: Catching Hell' was boring. Baseball is just rounders FFS!

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Who can do no wrong.”

“Perceived loyalty and ideological purity.”

“I would do some yard work without a shirt and my wife would get offended and yell at me to put something on.”

“Justifications you have given yourself for years.”

“Reads, if not as avidly as she once did.”

“Became denormalised.”

“Wrongfully influencing.”

“Manipulated their mother out of their lives.”

“Forceful, controlling figure.”

“Absolutely nobody in the cinemas.”

“28 Days Later, a cheery tale about the breakdown of society after the spread of a deadly virus.”

“Nobody wants to be left out.”

“Met with widespread public disapproval.”

“Apologised after fierce criticism.”

“Succumb to the pressure to choose sides.”

“Changed into quite an angry person.”

“Appreciated the enormity of his statement.”

“Ongoing implications,”

“Darker aspects of life.”

“Lose purpose.”


“Deliverance in the time of perstilence.”

“Withdraw the scourge of his wrath.”

“Sends pestilences to force them into repentance.”

'Malory Towers' Quotes:

“She's just the sort of girl mother warned me about.”

“I know your type! No pudding for a week!”

'Alma's Not Normal' Quotes:

“Thinks he's Jesus.”

“Another one?”

“Be quiet making a racket.”

“Expression of interest.”

“I had my own key by the age of 5.”

“The baby from 'Trainspotting'. If she'd lived.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Travelling without a reasonable excuse.”

“There to be used.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“A brain shovel.”

“I hid in the bathroom for 24 hours waiting for proof of this sickness. It never came.”

'My Left Nut' Quote:

“Sick in the keyhole.”

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