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Book Review: The Higher Frontier

Star Trek The Original Series: The Higher Frontier by Christopher L. Bennett

This ineffectual novel takes several pieces of 'Trek' lore: Miranda Jones, Medusans, Gary Mitchell, New Humans and Aenar and mixes them up in a bizarre bitty plot. Add in a meta commentary on 'Trek' itself and an obscure reference to the cartoon show and talk of V'Ger and hippy new age crap and you get this dreck.

This is set between 'The Motion Picture' and 'Wrath Of Khan'. Baddies wreak their vengeance and there are vicious schisms and self serving lies and no accountability and messiness. This was not inventive and the author reflects unintelligently.

Best Lines:

“Fewer gratuitous fistfights.”

“Refused to listen or support me.”

“Remake history to their liking.”

“The third planet of a yellow star.”

“Making his presence known through distracting and generally uninformative banter.”

“Keep the speechifying to a minimum for once.”

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