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Movie Reviews: Unstoppable + Hellraiser + Tell

Unstoppable (2019)

This is an okay documentary about Bethany Hamilton. She is a surfer who famously had an arm bitten off by a 14 foot tiger shark in 2003. There is endless footage of surfing and babbling. In places this can be a ghastly business of smarmy vapid people. She wanted to be a pro surfer. The shark was killed.

Bethany is filmed cutting grapefruit with her feet. She talks to a surfer who lost his lefg. There can be vacuousness. Bethany went on Oprah and surfed again 3 weeks later. There is talk of a surf world tour. We see people loading surf boards onto a bus. People surf in France. Bethany poses on a table.

Bethany is reactive and wrote a book about the abrupt derailing of her normal life. She did tv and was in 'Dolphin Tale 2'. There is endless media coverage. There is a headline about her: Surf Bite Girl. The loses at competitions. A movie 'Soul Surfer' is made about her. She got married and was photographed underwater.

Her pro surf career didn't happen. She does ariel surfing and gets to decide how she lives her life. What is a front air reverse? This is pretty to look at but is not absolutely essential viewing. There is nice underwater and surfing footage. Bethany has a baby in 2015 and surfed whilst pregnant. Post-partum surfing causes discontent. She has a health specialist and lifts weights and surfs.

She gets wild card entries to surf contests and is surfing again 7 weeks after birth. She overcame the devastating scenario of losing an arm. The drastic previously unthinkable change was overcome. She faced challenges for which she had no contingency plans. She has a deep seated tendency to do difficult things.

A pro career is not sustainable. Sometimes she feels a sense of futility. She has a sense of ease and poise on the board. There is a training montage and Bethany doesn't like the world disabled. She surfs a massive wave where drivers pull them out to waves. This film was funded by Kickstarter!

Best Lines:

“Great connection with the ocean.”

“Couldn't duck dive.”

“Get under the white water.”

“Padding out with one arm.”

“Paddle surfing.”

“Unfulfilled goals.”

“Fiji pro.”

“Iconic waves.”

“Just trashed from giving birth.”

“Most dangerous wave in the world.”

Hellraiser (1987)

Andrew Robinson of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine', Ashely Laurence and Dog Bradley star in this low budget badly written cult horror. This was written and directed by the wildly untalented hack Clive Barker. A sweaty man in a vest opens a puzzle box. His name is Frank and he has predatory behaviour and little regard for the consequences.

There is 80s hair and Julia regards her hubby Larry (Robinson) with unfriendly eyes and boffs his brother Frank. Larry and Julia moved into a grotty house where the vividly cruel Frank fell foul of some supernatural beings. There is 80s fashion and 80s phones. Frank is shady. Workmen are perverts and the stepmother Julia is evil and has barbed civility which leads to barbarity.

Nobody notices the festering horror in the attic? Julia is bizarre; she's willing to murder for the awful Frank. There is bad acting and disregard for logic. The hopelessly mean Julia is unhesitant about murder. This is not scandalously degenerate. Julia has cold assurance. Doug Bradley is barely in this as Pinhead, but he became the star of the franchise. The idiot dad dies, Frank gets got and this was bad.

Best Lines:

“Probably behind bars some place.”

“Stuff in the kitchen you wouldn't believe.”

“It opens doors.”

“No tears please, it's a waste of good suffering.”

Tell (2014)

Milo Ventimiglio and Katee Sackhoff star. A bad boy con has a stash of stolen money. People want that money. Bad people. This was dull.

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