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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Burnt By The Sun' promo


'The Act' promo


'Passengers' promo


'Through My Father's Eyes' promo


Cheese popcorn – mmmm.

Butter popcorn – yum.

Salted popcorn – okay.

I want a Wild Atlantic easter egg.

My ex came disguised as something other.

I'd try a salt-baked pineapple.

Batgirl in 'Titans' season 3?

Who saw 'The Swimmer' or 'Clockwise'?

Kevin Spacey was the voice of Adam in 'Soapdish'.

I want a straw capline hat with a sinamay bow and a black windowpane Breton hat with blocked silk veiling and bow. I want a little black straw disc hat. I want a Bregret watch. I want a Fendi Fab bag and a Lady D-Lite bag.

'The Big Show Show' is terrible and it has a warning for dangerous behaviour.

Best Line:

“Sea beef.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“No one seems to believe him.”

“Waiting for the dead.”

“Desperetly unwell.”

“Classroom politics.”

“Degree of sedation to tolerate that.”

“That bed and the door key is taken.”

“Doing my washing.”

“Sleeping bag in a doorway.”

“Access to airspace.”

“Zinc-lined coffin.”

“Running out of burial space.”

'Hello Girls' Quotes:

“she didn't have the key to the locks he kept on the pantry.”

“All of Kingville knew that Lucille's family was trash.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:


“I can't imagine this thing coming to Foxrock.”
“Yeah, it's not public transport, mom. Or a drive-thru Krispy Kreme. It's a global pandemic – and you're not going to stop it by writing to the council and saying we don't consider such things appropriate for an area like this.”

“If I see Ginny coming, I'd cross the road, pandemic or no pandemic.”

“What do you think it runs off? The evil in your soul?”

“You don't know how to use a hoover?”

“I know you push it about the palce.”

“Matt Damon got stranded on Mars and had to grow spuds out of his own faeces. If this sounds appealing to you,”

“Bleak transformation.”


“Dysfunctional beliefs.”

“Trauma-panic mode.”

“Deleterious effects.”

“Cognitive reasoning is out the window.”

“I can't have it in our lives.”

“Ignores the situation.”

“He never really genuinely apologises and gets so angry.”

“He treats them terribly and hates them for some reason that he will never tell me.”

“Chosen coping mechanisms.”

“Interact with them respectfully.”

“Refuses to acknowledge these realities or account for them.”

“Life is not going to be returning to normal as soon as might have been expected.”

“Grim truth.”

“Now it has all stopped.”

“Certain things happening everyday.”

“Unable to console him.”

“Contacted them in distress.”

“Don't see you as a threat.”

“Some of whom cough at me to show me what their cough is like.”

“Juxtaposition of dread, forced jollity and grim governement health warnings.”

“Biblical pestilence.”

“So dour and so politically correct.”

“Great cities collapse and crumble.”

“See disaster everywhere.”

“Unwanted houseguests.”

“What would it have been like to have this think coming toward you?”

“Left very few clues as to himself.”

“What a terrible assumption to make.”

“Tragic fate.”

“Restored a character lost to obscurity.”

“Unfairly treated in historiography.”

“Couldn't understand how there was so much vilification towards her.”

“So much criticism, extrapolated from so little.”

“Very challenging society to live in.”

“Held in contempt.”

“Still paying for the dreadful decisions that came after that moment.”


“His role as the annoying, spoiled kid in every teen movie ever made.”

“Not in happy home situations.”

“List of enemies.”

“Many, many enemies.”

“Their own crazy agendas.”

“Natural animosity.”

“Prophetic in his topics.”

“How easily shocked we were back then.”


“Having an image is more rewarding than being a person.”

“Defining moment in a life that may have made the subject into a great man.”

“All he did was fall in love with me, and the world turned him into a monster.”

“Until the evening she tried to run away.”

“No safety at home.”

“The damage they do is every bit as shattering.”

“People don't willingly invite tyrants into their lives.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Foreign speak.”

“Pathogen carriers, also known as humans,”

“Just about disinguished enough to neck on a park bench while arguing with a pigeon.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Question where drivers are going.”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“That's enough of that crap.”

“The grim headlines they became.”

'Talking Movies' Quotes:

“A future that nobody's quite bargained for.”

“A vaccine or perhaps Brad Pitt.”

“Love him awful.”

“Forget to cancel.”

'Zomboat' Quotes:

“If we're not back in 2 hours just wait longer.”

“What was dodgy was telling the DJ you'd fight him if he didn't put on some Coldplay.”

“Who wants an Argos necklace?”

“Is there anyone you do like?”


“Infected zombie water.”

“How is food relevant?”

“Pesticide load.”

'The Mitchell And Webb Look' Quotes:

“They keep us alive for their sport.”

“Blessed be the regulations.”

“Voltage calmed.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“A purgatory of uncertainty.”

“Pleading ambiguity.”

“Warped his moral chocies.”

“Unforgiveable behaviour.”

“Not-very-threatening hippie mantra.”

"Scouring Twitter for Trump's latest ourbursts.”

“Preparing for societal collapse.”

“Implied obligation.”

“Enforced dependency.”

“Face contorted with fury.”

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