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Tape Tales with Due South

Watched an old tape with two season 1 ‘Due South’ eps on it. What year was it from, 1994 or 1995? I don’t know.

Anyway the first ep was ‘Manhunt’. This was written by Paul Haggis. Legendary Mountie (Leslie Nielsen) is running from a geriatric loon. For about half the running time, Nielsen plays the role deadly serious and straight. Which is bizarre to witness. This was probably the idea. Shame in his subsequent appearances they made his character a joke. Vecchio shows off his hideous dress sense. I never forgave this show for dismissing the Vecchio/Fraser friendship in season 3. Fraser gets stabbed and walks it off. A hospital has terrible security. This dull ep was a bit too violent for the shows usual feather light tone.

Best Lines:
“I'll get the shovel, you handle the interrogation.”

“I’m in a canoe with two wounded Mounties and I’m being humiliated by rats.”

The second ep was ‘They Eat Horses Don’t They’. I cannot get over the horrible, horrible clothes. Fraser learns a supermarket is selling bad illegal horsemeat. He ropes in Vecchio to save the day. Vecchio is written as such an affable idiot; I’m not surprised the actor complained. The victims of the week annoy. The highlight of this ep was Vecchio and Fraser sharing a bathroom and Vecchio yelling for more soap. That was hilarious. Fraser talking to Vecchio’s eccentric family was always nice to see. This was uninvolving.

Best Lines:
“Ruling out cannibalism, we have two options.”

“I’m going to die inside My Friend Flicka.”
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