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The Rabbit Hole

Where is the batmobile? Homeless people are everywhere. Jacob sneers at Kate and doesn't listen. A Crows traitor lurks. Alice is spite fuelled. What happened to Beth after the car wreck that made her into Alice? Jacob does shameful and callous bullying and makes Kate's life as wretched as possible. He silences, bullies and undermines Kate. There is an eerie emptiness to him.

Will Luke Fox shut up? Lucius Fox is his dad. Sophie annoys and is rampantly selfish. Jacob is embarrassingly empty and Alice yells a little louder. Jacob contemptuously mocks. Alcie has nefarious plots.

Sophie is a hideously awful person. Jacob has little redeeming value and is unimaginably awful. Kate's stepsister Mary babbles. Jacob is immensely cruel and savagely critical and there is no excuse. Kate is unheard in her own family and she does not exist to them. Sophie sellls Kate out AGAIN and then has the nerve to tell Kate that they aren't a couple anymore.

Sophie and Jacob exacerbate hatred. Beth's lingering abscence damaged the family. Jacob is quarrelsome. Robin is mentioned. Which Robin? Kate's stepsister Mary whines. Jacob does furious condemnation. Luke bores. The evil stepmother is evil. There is a brutal crisis and Sophie has worrying vagueness. This was okay.

Best Lines:


“A hero that isn't here?”

“Be more terrifying than your enemy.”

“Surely someone will come and save me.”

“Dramatic splash.”

“Chocolate covered garbage.”

“Not the girl you expected me to be.”

“Was it Robin's high school graduation?”

Gods And Monsters

Sam bores. Mary is the worst. Exposition is spewed. Jack bores. Lucifer's former host bores. Sam and Bobby harass a woman. Michael bores. Castiel talks and mentions how he stole his host's body and how his host is 'dead'. Jack is awful. Michael leaves. This show should have ended in season 5,

Best Line:

“All angels have to in order to walk the earth.”

The Dying Minutes

Kiera plots, badly. Alec whines. Various characters run around doing stuff I do not care about. Liber8 plot, badly. Carlos' boss plots and Carlos is pointless. Alec is a threatening maniac. This was all nastiness. Alec whines. Alec's brother bores. Alec is told what a piece of crap he is. There is bloody murder. Dillion is blown up. This sucked.

Last Minute

Is Kiera screwing the guy who killed the alternate timeline version of herself? That's just weird. Alec has the time travel device. What about Alec's brother being the creator of Liber8? That whole plot seems forgotten. There is talk of a beacon. I don't care about their drama. Alec is foiled after he smugs. This was stupid. Alec gets knifed. Kiera messes up, again.

Best Line:

“I've seen the future Alec and you're not in it.”


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