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Book Review: The Breach + A Question Of Holmes

The Breach by M.T. Hill

Is this sci fi or cosmic horror? Or both? This British novel is set in a near future where things are the same but things have changed. A reporter and a steeplejack have stumbled across something. A mysterious photo of the said something attracts attention and questions. The photo was taken in an equally mysterious bunker, in which something dwells. This all leads to an inescapable conclusion.

This was good. Nothing is fully explained, only hinted at via rising trepidation. There are dark moments laced with fear and meance. What lies at the terrible dark heart of the bunker? Is it aliens? The darkest connotations can be read into the ending. There are unpredictable threats in this novel but no calm or rational approach. The ending leaves you despairing and disconsolate. Nobody has any idea of the consequences that would entail. This was good and menacing with an unnerving sense.

Best Lines:

“If her life was dredged when her ex finished with her, the silt is yet to settle.”

“Inextricable binding.”

“Terrible purpose.”

“Affect mysteriousness.”

“No dial-backs.”


“Absolute state of you.”

“That all of these things happened, and are true, have been caused.”

A Question Of Holmes by Brittany Cavallaro

The 4th and allegedly final 'Charlotte Holmes' novel is good. Holmes and Watson are at Oxford. She's still annoying and he's still her willing ally. There is trouble afoot at Oxford and reasonable suspicion. There are selfish reacitons and Charlotte is insincere and non-conciliatory. She got into Oxford but can't be bothered to attend class. There are secrets and all consumming need.

People critique aspects of Charlotte's personality and she's deliberately catastrophising and trading off other's misery. Charlotte is a horrible pompous person who's nihilistically sensational. Her and Watson's 'romance' isn't about healthy communication, accountability or emotional intelligence. Holmes causes personal devastation and her actions inflict pain on those around her. She tells self serving lies.

There are ominious cirumstances at Oxford and Watson is devoted to the unknowable unstable narcissist who is deeply impactful on him. There is no self actualisation. People make unwise decisions and there are unpleasant truths, multigenerational grievances, relentless anxiety and benevolent disagreement.

Charlotte pushes the boundaries of what others consider acceptable behaviour and it comes to a neat ending. This has no original insight and it is fully of ghastly Americanisms and warped sociology. But it is enoyable. Charlotte is dependably self destructive and there is a retcon and the legacy of the OG Holmes and Watson continues to harm later generations and Jamie Watson continues to live with the consequences.

Best Line:

“Some future that only you see.”

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