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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Vagrant Queen' promo


Best Line:

“Do you not hear the crazy?”

'Madhouse' (1990) tv spot

Misery is company.

'Motherland Fort Salem' 1x04 promo


I'll review 'The Act'.

RIP Eddie Large.

My ex betrayed me consciously and without excuse.

Jesse Ventura has aged badly.

A pox on Jamie Oliver and his eggless choc pudding!

I want a wooden rabbit and a silver hummingbird pendant.

'The Breach' Quotes:

“Vocally admired.”

“Terminally unemployed.”

“Meet me in the bogs,”

“Some paranoiac's bolthole?”

“Homeless who don't want moving along,”

“Preppers with twitchy trigger fingers.”

“Lonely and dangerous and highly criminalised,”

“It took Mountain Rescue three nights to find her, except animals had found her first.”

“Content mills.”

“Screwed up for so little gain,”

“A corruption of what she expected from the world.”

“Mining the moon.”

“That tuneless Irish wanker.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Never again in our lifetime.”

“Patience has its limits.”

'I, Tonya' Quotes:

“I hope you didn't do that.”

“Not yet.”

“I can see that shiner through your makeup.”

“I liked being married. Just not to him.”

“Everything I'll ever be known for.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quote:

“As benign as an ITV drama.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Producing a knife in the course of a fight.”

“Widespread, vocal criticism.”

“Dangerous situations in family homes.”

“Went missing in strange circumstances many years ago,”

“Uses actual tiger poo, which feels like an unnecessary commitment to realism.”

“Damaged people and their confusing feuds.”

“Key facts and wider context are withheld for great shock value. Footage is played in slow motions with an ominious soundtrack.”

“Not to inform them of her whereabouts.”

“Openly and defiantly flautning the restrictions.”

“Behavioural fatigue.”

“Perceived threat.”

Left this life unwitnessed by anyone at all.”

“Constrained by the wishes, pleasures and orders.”

“All on the same occasion.”

“Calling old enemies, that I wished I had called sooner.”

“Isolated in their home with their abuser.”

“Just the latest offence to provoke uproar.”

“Era-shaping nature.”

“For vicitms of abuse the home is of tyranny and fear.”

“Hovered with intent.”

“Visible focus of public criticism.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Turn its library into an intensive care unit.”

“Health events.”

'A.P. Bio' Quotes:

“Likeable behaviour.”

“Enjoying yourself here?”

“God no.”

“What kind of grown baby man still takes baths?”

“Mentally break my nemesis.”

“In a loony bin begging for death.”

“Tenure fail.”

“Narc much.”

“Not that ashamed.”

“Beat up with my adult muscles.”

“Set her purse on fire.”

“Suggested that he pleasure me sexually. He did not.”

“Dumb perv.”

“Not a need that I have.”

“Bribing some homeless guy.”

“Toxically ambitious.”

“Overachieving virgins.”

“I shoplift magazines to feel alive.”

“Teacher jail.”

“It was true.”

“Very much.”

“Menopause: not real.”

“Play grab ass with the freaks.”

“It was the 90s. It wasn't bad yet.”

“Dated the CPR dummy.”

“Psychological dismantling.”

“Forcibly eject me.”

“He wears scarves indoors.”

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