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Fringe Season 2 Ep 4 Review

Momentum Deferred

Fake Charlie is looking like a Meth head as he chugs mercury to stay alive. Olivia drinks flatworms to recall her meeting with Bell (Leonard Nimoy) and Walter looks up an old test subject (Theresa Russell of ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Wild Things’) also someone is stealing heads from cryogenic facilities.

This was very good. It had Peter discussing his fear of the ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ movie and how he was scared he’d be replaced by a pod person. It’s an unsubtle moment, poor Peter he is the pod person. The shapeshifters throwing away frozen heads is blackly funny.

Rebecca (Russell) can sense people from the other side who don’t belong in our world. They glow. She doesn’t detect Charlie but she does see Peter glowing. Olivia recalls some of her chat with Bell. It seems Bell can’t return from the other side. So how can Peter live in our world and not be out of sync? How did he cross over safely?

The shapeshiters want to open the door between universes which is a bad thing. Peter has to stab Olivia with a huge syringe. Fake Charlie is uncovered, somehow in the six weeks he’s been around his wife noticed nothing. Olivia broods over the other side, how will she react when the truth about Peter comes out? The frozen head search comes to an icky end. Why is the other universe waging war? When Peter finds out his past, how will be react? How will Walter? Does Bell know what Walter did?

Best Lines:
“Why are shapeshiting soldiers from another universe stealing frozen heads?”

“I was convinced that if I fell asleep, I was going to be replaced by a pod person.”

“Who are these people? And what do they want? What did we do to them?”

“I assumed it all just was a figment of my imagination and the LSD of course.”

“You’re asking me if I can repair a piece of technology that is entirely unlike anything that is ever existed here on Earth?”

“A storm is coming, perhaps the last and worst storm of all. And when it is over I fear there will be little left of our world.”
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