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Book Review: The Mirror & The Light

The Mirror & The Light by Hilary Mantel

The Thomas Cromwell trilogy ends. There are evil consequences to ambition as Cromwell reaches too high. This was very good. Cromwell's rise has caused bewildered resentment in the nobles and the king has begun to despise his need of Cromwell. A final reckoning is looming in a world of cruel pride and casual brutality. This was a grim but gripping tale as Cromwell fails to see he has been targeted as the one true enemy. A man who gained power by coercion and fear is the agent of his own undoing.

Best Lines:

“Women are cloistered. Husbands kill you on suspicion.”

“All the world in league against us.”

“Bodes her no good.”

“Belligerent gestures.”

“A fate he must walk towards.”

“It's always the wrong bits of the past people want back.”

“Forswear your company.”

“Dug a deep well of resentment.”

“Live and make no stir.”

“Kitchen boys' gossip.”

“I will make sure waht we have done can never be undone, not by any power on earth.”

“She will never walk free again,”

“You rustic dolt.”

“His parts are ulcerated in a fashion that would repulse the lowest whore.”

“Good livers.”

“If he saw me on my deathbed he would tip me out of it, so I should die on the floor.”

“Since he was seven years old the eel boy has been his enemy.”

“Raging about as usual and kicking the servants.”

“Some of them will come out and spew in the street.”

“Plotting their downfall.”

“Generally thieving, lying and cheating.”

“I think you like being low-born.”

“Sedate to the point of tedium.”

“She'll be grateful to you, for taking her out of that place.”

“They go where their husbands take them,”

“I was handed over, my future gone.”

“He picked Boleyn. She was his choice entirely. His unholy mistake, which we had to clear up.”

“Boundless malice.”

“Done other.”

“I did not think it was necessary or seemly.”

“An hour of peril:”

“As the Edwards and the Henrys reign and die and go down to dust.”

“Anne Boleyn, she would have sung in the street, if she thought it might get her some attention."

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