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Supernatural 14x01 + The Time Tunnel 1x07&1x08 + Riverdale 4x15&4x16 Reviewed

Stranger In A Strange Land

The Michael possessed Dean does a silly voice. Various characters run around the bunker. The useless mother could care less about Dean. Sam's lazy and Castiel and his silly voice is useless. Demons prance. What is this in furtherance of? Peoples replies to Michael are ill taken. People call Sam sir. Oh FFS! The mother fawns over Sam. Jack lurks. AU Bobby lurks. Die you fat bastard. TPTB queerbait Destiel some more. Castiel is useless. Dean's real life untalented Joker faced wife lurks. Lucifer's host, Nick, is alive. There are no endless possibilities and people treat Nick badly for submitting to satan's control. We get a lot of mommy fighting demons scenes yet she let a demon kill her in 1x01 because she hadn't protected her home. I'm tired of the Winchesters and their malign fatuity and self-inflicted dramas.

Best Lines:

“Almost end the world. Twice.”

“Burned half the world.”

Revenge Of The Gods

The Trojan war is fought by people in Roman costumes. I just do not care and am in no mood to engage.


Custer. There is no moral responsibility or stance. There is no aspirations. This show is a detriment. The duo cannot effect social change. There is no cultural concern. The actors are not commanding presences. Crazy Horse lurks. This was kind of racist.

Chapter Seventy-Two To Die For

Brett looks 50 and not like a high school student. There is bad acting. People react to news of Jughead's 'murder'. This was awful, awful. Jughead's real name is Forsythe?!? Alice makes a 'documentary' about the mysterious circumstances of Jughead's 'murder'. Jughead and Betty got into Yale?!?

Jughead's not dead, naturally. Veronica has a half sister?!? Archie's stupid and boring. This was unimpressive and comcially useless. FP rages and quits. People are cold and calculating. There is exposition and people are manipulative, bullying, vindictive and arrogant. Archie runs a boxing gym? Selfish ruthless types are into personal gain. Hiram is Mayor? Wasn't he in jail? Wasn't there a cult? Betty and Archie make out. WTF are maple partners?

Best Lines:

“Archie's built like a superhero.”

“Botched braining.”

“Sex bunker of death.”

“Evil preppies.”

“Loveless tryst.”

“You won't beat us Betty.”

“Suspect choice.”

“Born in blood!”

“When did the darkness begin to take hold of Riverdale?”

“Save your tears. No ones watching.”

“Terrible things hapen here. Year after year.”

“Smear Jughead's blood on said rock.”

“Make the lie seem real.”

“Bitch I'm done with you!”

“I'm sorry I called Jughead a hobo that one time.”

Chapter Seventy-Three The Locked Room

Jughead was 'murdered' by students at Stonewall Prep. How many schools does Riverdale need?!? There is bewildered distain in this preposterous farrago. There is exposition and this was sort of ridiculously enjoyable. Betty and Jughead confront the killer preppies.

There is talk of 'Baxter Brothers' books. Jughead's fake 'murder' is not regarded as an unforgiveable deception. There is talk of the perfect murder and generations of murder and this does not resonate. The school has many dead students. Jughead only lived because his killers didn't check he was dead.

Betty was framed. Why doesn't Jughead have scars or medical consequences or brain damage from being cracked on the head with a great big rock? Betty and Jughead just strolled into the prep school?!?! This is a bottomless chasm of vacuity.

Jughead's dirty looking grandfather lurks. There is talk of miserable events and bad ideas and a man throws himself through some soft glass. Rich brats brat and there were sex tapes. Jughead's dad beats up a brat. There are actual videotapes. There is talk of Quill & Skull. Alice is a reporter again. There is bad acting and no loneliness, despair or anger.

Jughead has no PTSD from his near murder. Cheryl ships Betty & Archie. The awful crisis is shrugged off. This was amazingly terrible and perfectly banal.

Best Lines:

“Ran him out.”

“Heartless bastards.”

"Lurid conspiting.”

“FBI med van.”

“Clean the scene.”

“Man of dishonour.”

“They're not my friends.”

“No-one's buying that story anymore.”

“Real monster behind all this.”

“Treasure trove of dark secrets.”

“The brand is relaunching.”

“Web of death.”

“We solved 8 murders!”

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