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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Motherland: Fort Salem' 1x03 promo


The BBC has filmed 'Malory Towers'!

What is china clay?

What are owl cafes?

I'd try wild garlic & cheddar scones. I'd try cream of white onion, cheddar & apple soup. I'd try rum and walnut tart with rum butterscotch sauce.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Who read the 'Just William' books?

Who saw 'Eat, Drink, Man, Woman' or 'The Accidental Tourist'?

My ex didn't care about me and never had.My ex is an extremely felt absence.

'The Mirror & The Light' Quotes:

“I distain you.”

“A lesson he will not forget.”

“Nights with no certain shelter.”

“Some bellowing lunatic.”

“Marvelling at what God has bestowed.”

“Or you will incur my displeasure.”

“Bereft of good advice,”

“Why is it that wherever disaster strikes there is a Howard in the room?”

“If anything but good came.”

“Chosen this dreadful end.”


“Carried Testaments home, when it was death to do it.”

“I cannot hear what you are telling me.”

“Cleared them out of court.”

“Do you dread him? I do.”

“Vomitous torrents of insult and threat.”


“Leaving barely a memory behind.”

“Would go and die.”

“Shaken his fist in the direction of Dover.”

“What had you done to them, to cause them to abandon you?”

“With no good intent.”

“But it will get better, it must.”

“Some sort of Howard. Is there no end to them?”

“To take pleasure in what others have designed for my pleasure, or be thought ungrateful.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Get out now.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quote:

“The swimming pool is cut out of ice with chainsaws.”

'Thinking Outside The Box' Quote:

“Outer space life.”

'Dateline' Quote:

“Ear witness.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Coughed at.”

'Batman' Quote:

“Irish stooge.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Generations ago.”

“Happy to be braodcast doing so.”

“Stop the camper vans.”

“Airbourne paracetamol.”

'28 Days Later' Quotes:

“It wasn't on the TV anymore. It was in the street outside. It was coming through your windows.”

“No one ever comes back.”

'Friday Night Dinner' Quotes:

“That's just terrifying.”

“You don't know what you're missing.”

“Any number of diseases?”


“Festering in our drive.”

“Were you stealing my coup?”

“Crap mobile.”



“Stupid bumbole.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“We knew what was coming was bad.”

“Resisting a collective response.”

“Once-in-a-century pandemic,”

“Nostalgia for a world that doesn't exist any more, or perhaps never did.”

“Always managed to forgive him.”

“The baddie was a man dressed as a carrot.”

“Clossal television event.”

“A show comes along and makes a dent in your consciousness.”

“We're supposedly self-isolating and there's literally nothing to get up for?”

“They were crawling around on their hands and knees yesterday, eating millipedes from the carpet.”

“Long since been preparing for the apocalypse-”

“Social toll.”

“No-dig, no spray grower.”

“How easily that could go wrong for her.”

“Abuse that looked like love.”

“You can only take so much of that.”

“Might not be universally regarded as a benign gesture.”

“Lit Bro' syndrome.”

“The Last Jedi. Here was a Star Wars movie that detested Star Wars, and Star Wars fans even more.”

“An army of feral teddy bears.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Pandemics that drastically changed the course of history.”

“Social resentments.”

“The mess we make of our lives, whether through compromise or by follwing a true calling to the utmost.”


“Fear was borne out by history.”

“Erasure from the canon.”

“Slunk to the nostalgia circuit.”

“Fights, arrests, alcholism – worse still – performance art:”

“Would have done a brisk trade in a 1990s video shop.”

“You are not welcome among us.”

“The limit of most cats' ambition is to sit somewhere warm,”

'Poirot' Quotes:

“Ghastly hovel.”

“You are inadequate.”

'The Simpsons' quotes:

“Pretended to be a flimsy one note character!”

“All schools are kid prisons.”

“That's how boys play dress up!”

“Virtual pee bottles.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:


“Darkest imaginings.”

“Threats made.”

“Bloated with cheap confectionery and smeared with chain-store make-up.”

“Random subjective nature of history.”

“No one wanted to know me any more.”

“Nothing for me now.”

“Somm slut.”

“Bathroom shaggers.”

“Found a tiny crab in an oyster and requested a bag of water in which to take it home.”

“None of roses by the glass were expensive enough for her.”

“The result was a $5,000 glass of pink wine.”

“Narrative of exit.”

“Lacking or empathy of belief in community-”

“Mirred in the kind of unhappiness that makes people put on weight and watch too much TV.”

“I loathe them and everything that springs from them.”

“Narcissistic adoration.”

“Desperate to entertain.”

“I hadn't backed anything up.”

“Relentless loss.”

“Her idea of living dangerously was using a paper napkin when lunching alone.”

“Moral judgment.”

“Absolutely no concession to male approval.”

“Had to watch them on VHS when my father was out of the house.”

“Social shadow.”

“Be assured they will laugh at you.”

“The smell is pig-farm bad.”

“Very public reproaches.”


“Need to behave morally.”

“Turned up hours late then demanded that her christmas album be played on repeat.”

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