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Blood 2x05 + The Time Tunnel 1x06 + Continuum 3x03&3x06 + Law & Order 13x02 Reviewed 🐔🍟

Blood 2x05

The police (of which there only seems to be 1 member in the area) pry. There is bad acting. The dying woman was taunted by her useless hubby. Jim is a vile man. Fiona's sick of him. Cat has vanished again. There is an arrest and a twist. This is truly awful.

Crack Of Doom

Krakatoa. The duo get home. Sorta. This sucked.

Minute To Win It

This has naff opening credits. She'll never see her husband and child again. Kiera blathers about her murder. The 'original' timeline collapsed, way to go Alec. There are bank robbers. Alec bores. Both of them. Carlos knows about time travel. Carlos is angry. Emily and her vagenda lurks. There is conflict making. This was naff.

Best Lines:

“I didn't do anything.”

“I doubt that.”

“You're worse than I thought.”

“Feel like a familiar path.”

Wasted Minute

Alec (the traitor) killed the past version of Kiera. Or did he? Alec is awful and confronts himself. Kiera was sick in the future. Alec bitches. Why is Alec so obsessed with the bint Emily? Alec is such a dick. Some random bint whines. I've no idea what is going on. Or why. Alec ends up in a glass box. Where is the toilet? Kiera pulls a murder accusation out of her ass.

Best Lines:

“Battleground poison used in the frontier wars of 2066.”

“Chemical weapons are legal in the future?”

“You steal my life.”


A teacher is murdered. A foster child and a teacher are arrested. The foster child and her numerous abuse claims turns out to be an adult con artist. J.K. Simmons guest stars. This was okay.

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