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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Defending Jacob' trailer

An ugly statue, an annoying kid, a murder, Chris Evans, a limited series and a knife.

Best Lines:

“Good, he should be scared!”

“Looks smug and remorseless.”

“Acting like we're normal.”

“I know what you did.”

'The Mandalorian' promo

Baby Yoda.

'Miss Scarlet & The Duke' promo


'The Occupant' trailer

Spanish thriller.

'Black Lighning' season 3 promo

Who is Blackbird? There is a baddie called Painkiller. WTF?

Best Line:

“I ride the pale horse and hell follows with me.”

Who saw 'American Patriot'?

'The Mirror & The Light' Quotes:

“Remember the feelings of a mother, tell her gently – not banging on the gate and shouting it to the skies.”

“Forty-five years on this earth, twenty-seven of them as King of England – and all he has to show for it are three bastard children, one of them now a corpse.”

“You can't afford plighting.”

“What she thinks is her name now:”

“But this is not true.”

“It will be true, in time.”

“She must live in apprehension till I can frame the King's mind to mercy,”

“I have seen such evil countenances, and such readiness to fight,”

“I have seen four reigns-”

“In this skill to recognise those who are fit for his company and service.”

“Fights to think well of them.”

“I hear you've killed men.”

“Who hasn't.”

“She is afraid of what she has begun.”

“Agin him and hoping to do him down.”

“Looking for a fight; and being Walter, he never looks far.”

“By God, they will do it, or I shall come out of my grave and want to know why.”

'Neighbours' Quote:

“There's a pscyhopath on the loose!”

'Stacey Dooley On The Psych Ward' Quotes:

“Before they decide to help you.”

“Throwing the sandwich about.”

“Removing these people from society.”

“Talking to slugs.”

“Social support.”

“Rapid tranq.”

“High level of distress.”

“The feeling I get is dread.”

“Take everything from me.”

“Bed manager.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Waiting for patients to come who never came.”

“The road ahead will be trying.”

'Waking The Dead' Quote:

“Unseen in our fair city since the great plague.”

“Eaten up with anger.”

“I'm not going to give you any sympathy.”

“I don't need your forgiveness.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“We must avert that at all costs,”

“Stiringly unites.”

“Aggravating the situation.”

“Future impetus.”

“Supplanted as the chief targets of public opprobrium.”

“Vying for the title of Worst Person in Britian.”

“Public outrage is now chiefly focused.”

“Big lie on a global scale.”

“Already fear in the population.”

“Social buy-in.”

“Suspicious and resentful populations.”

“Sit idly by.”

“Eerily deserted streets.”

“Disregard for evidence and facts,”

“Coughs theatrically.”

“Laughing out loud at his hilarious impudence.”

“Record their victim's horrified reactions.”

“Looking very pleased with himself,”

“Looking very pleased with himself,”

“The driver wore bright yellow rubber gloves. In any other time it would have been comical.”

“There is just nothing there.”

“It's like the film 28 Days Later.”


“Already running out of places to go.”

“Stoically borne,”

“Cinemas remain shuttered-”

“Try to avoid going mad while trapped in homes.”

“Battle archaeologically themed criminals.”

“Come-hither eyes.”

“You know ti's a programme from continental Europe when they've got someone with their lad out,”

“Sigmund Freud is considering whether he wants to go down a wet tunnel. Sigmund Freud is too fearful to go down the wet tunnel.”

“Attempt to stab each other with their long swords.”

'OJ: Made In America' Quote:

“In the face of public wrath.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Dresses like a 12 year old.”

'Mark Kermode' Quotes:

“Rarely fare well.”

“Obsessed with national destiny.”

“Satan farting monks out of backide.”

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