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Star Wars The Rise Of Kylo Ren Issue 4 Reviewed 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘🥰

How did the Knights of Ren leader build a lightsabre? Ben Solo is still conflicted. You always knew how this would end. Loyalty only flowed in one direction and Ben takes an unwilling interest in the dark side. There are irrevocable decisions and Ben looks like loneliness brought to life. Ben doesn't sccumb to the dark side, he leaps.

WTF is a mindspliter? The annoying Jedi students annoy. Ben's self esteem has been dismantled and he's increasingly contemptuous. The more recent movies were largely fawning account of Rey. There are inevitable repercussions. How is Snoke so powerful and persuasive?

How did neither Luke nor Leia NOT notice that Ben was being brainwashed by the Emperor? And that Ben's opinions and decisions were being distorted? This is a critical point for Ben and he's disinclined to go back. Ben didn't really have ideological convictions. Ben wasn't exactly given a choice in his fate.

'Rise Of Skywalker' was a disturbing failure. It is troubling how Ben was made compliant and subject to behavioural modification and made cold, judgemental and destructive in his pursuit of the dark side. The art in this issue is terrible.

Why are there always narrow high walkways with no handrails over deep ravines in this franchise? This was okay. We get a shot of Rey. Ben kills the shirtless surfer dude Knights leader and the Knights kneel to Ben. Then they inexplicably turned on him in 'Rise Of Skywalker'. Ben gets shirtless and his eyes turn red as he changes his khyber crystal by clenching it in his fist and gurning.

Best Lines:

“Whatever they need to do to survive, to triumph......they will do.”

“Deep delving.”

“However deep you think you are, I promise you, there's deeper yet. It can get worse. You're acting like you don't have control when every single step you take is your own choice.”

“You're Jedi-trained.”

“Anyone who isn't us is fair game.”

“Who are they?”

“The past.”

“Said he sent you all home creying.”

“It's too late now. This is my path.”

“Every path goes in two directions.”

“Even my name isn't a choice.”

“I am the shadow.”

“Have you ever actually been in a fight before? Where the other guy really wants you dead, I mean.”

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