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Movie Reviews: The Occupant + Mark Of The Devil

The Occupant (2020)

There is bad dubbing in this Spanish thriller. There is dithering. A family lose their apartment and new people move in. The father stalks the new family. There is no sacrifice or compromise in this useless film. The father plays at being a poisonous friend to the new family.

A guy is blown up by his leaf blower, which shows the rubbishness of this film. The husband in the new family is selfish, irresponsible and reckless. The husband attacks his wife and gets pepper sprayed. There is no innovation or haunting starkness and this was not fascinating. The father steals the dead husband's wife and child after ditching his washrag wife and lumpen son.

This film was full of callous, dismissive, self-serving and self-satisfied people. This was incompetent. The father hates his ex and meances her. People are adversaries and the father is unacceptable and downright sordid. He grins about his wrong and malicious acts and invented lies.

Best Lines:

“Seeing what you have.”

“You've always throught I was useless.”

“You wouldn't.”

“Are you sure?”

“What would you prefer? Some kind of petty screaming match?”

Mark Of The Devil (2020)

This was a dull Mexican horror. There are exorcisms and unimaginable times and there is discordant fear and uncertainty and bad dubbing. There is a prevalance of irrationality and no moral or intellectual authority. There is a book and dumb teens who live muffled miserable lives. There is a descent, but to where?

There is no determination or sense of purpose or torrent of unpredictability. This does not deserve acclaim. This was unlovely and had no civilised macabre. There is violent active mania and growing despair. I scoff at this non bizarre film. Unspeakable things are happening. As well as mysterious and malevolent things. This was not darkly entertaining, just ridiculous.

'The Exorcist' tv show was better than this. There is no embarrassed delight just death. This was not eerie just OTT. There are serious concerns and a sequel hook.

Best Lines:

“May the lord repay you.”

“Lovecraft made it up in his stories.”

“I hate when you hide my medicine but I also love you for it.”

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