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Movie Review: From Within

From Within (2009)

Every town has its secrets. Some secrets are a curse.

Thomas Dekker of ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ gets to do his brooding routine again in this film as Aidan, the son of a witch.

In the small town of Grovetown, strange things are afoot. Lindsay is more bothered by her drunken trashy ‘parents’ Trish and Roy but soon as a wave of suicides sweeps the town, she begins to worry.

The congregation of Pastor Joe (Steven Culp of ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Traveler’) believe the suicides are connected to the mysterious death of Candice Spindle. She died 6 months ago in a fire after being accused of being a witch. Now her son Aidan (Dekker) takes her place as the town scapegoat.

Dylan, Joe’s son, is the obligatory psychotic jackass and he leads a lynch mob against Aidan after the body count piles up. Pastor Joe is pushed around by his son and his own guilt. Lindsay befriends Aidan. Is the town cursed and can it be stopped?

This was very good; it is very atmospheric and downbeat. Plus TPTB know their target audience as Dekker broods non stop, stands in the rain brooding and takes his shirt off.

Best Lines:
“Like Romeo and Juliet.”
“Juliet drank poison. Nat stabbed a pair of scissors into her neck.”

“If you believe in the light, you gotta believe in the dark.”

“Certain spells require a terrible price.”

“We can’t take this into our own hands. Not again.”
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