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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Maxxx' promo

“Wear you like a feed bag.”

'Defending Jacob' promo

Chris Evans?

'Most Dangerous Game' trailer

Liam Hemsworth is hunted by Christoph Waltz. Maybe.

Best Line:

“Stay paranoid.”

'The Big Show Show' trailer


Sour cream and chives drip – nice.

Cheese popcorn – no.

I'd try pickle fries.

'Wonder Woman 1984' delayed.

Who read 'A Parcel Of Patterns'?

Free Comic Book Day is cancelled.

No new comics being printed?

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Time always exposes what you mean to somebody.”

'The Mirror And The Light' Quotes:

“Devising torments.”

“Tell her that no one will rescue her, and that no one will speak for her, but her father will hurt her and bend her to his will.”

“The change of queen.”

“Stand against the malice of ill-wishers.”

“Now the whole world knows what Nan Bullen was.”

“She would go to it with a leper in a hedge.”

“Look for no practical help from him.”

“You cannot fight the dead.”

“You sound as if you care,”

“I always knew he would kill Anne Boleyn. Or if not, then some other man would do it for him.”

“Moral fellows.”

“I have gone so far in this matter there is no way back--”

“He hates a promise-breaker.”

“In odedience, there is strength and tranquility.”

“Virtue he perceived in her?”

“If you think about it.”

“I would rather not,”

“Annie was not queen then but she lived in expectation, and she was served like a queen.”

“Held in odium.”

“It would lead to your murder.”

“Gawping menials.”

'Black Death' Quotes:

“Bastard French.”

“Now god has us shagging pigs.”

“Hell awaits us.”

“Mercy giver.”

“Truth getter.”

“Fell foul of its scythe.”

“How many of you are left?”


“I heard stories. Dark stories.”

“Heart turned cold.”

“He found hate.”

“Vengeance became his creed.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“National lockdown.”

“Mass refusal to stay at home.”

“Refused to take any more bodies.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Members of your household.”

“Gatherings will be dispersed.”

“She does not qualify for a ventilator.”

“Lowest form of society.”

'War Of The Worlds' Quote:

“Regarded our planet with envious eyes and slowly and surely; drew their plans against us.”

'Killer Lovers' Quote:

“Very much not his type.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Stigmatisation and rejection from people in their local neighbourhoods.”

“Otherwise they will never come to you again.”

“Will not take her back because of her family's conduct.”

“Decided soley on clinical need.”

“Their extraordinary sacrifice has been made freely, even gladly.”

“At some level they chose this path.”

“Messengers of death.”

“Paralysed by shame and remorse.”

“Using or threatening to use violence.”

“International museum standards.”

“Items of first necessity.”

“Irresponsible behaviour.”

“Unproven theories.”

'My Left Nut' Quote:

“Irish sex noises.”

'The Windsors' Quotes:

“She's one of them.”

“I wish I'd worn some underwear now.”

“She's fallen down my geo-thermal borehole!”

'OJ: Made In America' Quote:

“Like farm water through a tourist.”

On 'Neighbours: Endgame': in another fortuitous coincidence for world history, Toadie isn't dead. Finn kills Gary and sets a bushfire after stealing Elly's baby.

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