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Undiscovered Country Issue 5 Reviewed

There is talk of Darwin Fish. There is incoherence and Daniel faces retribution. There is more incoherence and giant starfish and I've no idea what is going on or why. People are impassioned and this is not substantial. People get morally outraged and I'm unsure of the response Daniel is seeking.

Credibility is undermined. There are dismaying images and decisions made in anger are seldom wise ones. The conniving Daniel is deeply corrosive and causes disastrous effects. This title is in relentless decline: THERE IS NO COHERENT PLOT!!!

This doesn't even cause disinterested fascinaiton. This is worthless and the New America is defined by monstrous acts. This is all missed opportunities but no apocalyptic unease. Daniel tries to exude an air of meance, he fails.

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