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The Time Tunnel 1x03 + Dare Me (2019) 1x01 + The Nest (2020) 1x01 Reviewed

End Of The World

It's 1910 and this ep was not much admired. Halley's comet scares some yokels and the VFX doesn't look like a comet more like a sun. This show has so much unexplored possibility. This was made before the comet's 1980s return. People pronounce the comet's name differently. There is a mine accident and an unwillingness to help. People can't cope and manage with a comet. People act warily. The social reaction is dumb. How do the 2 time travelers clean their clothes or themselves or shave? People fear what could befall them. There is technobabble and people are openly terrified. This ep is an irritant that causes absolute indifference. People live sad terrible lives and don't even get me started on the DIY defibrillator.

Best Line:

“Time fix.”

Coup D'Etat

This miniseries is from the same network that gave us 'Pacific Blue' and 'White Collar'! This is based on the not very good novel. Cheerleaders cheer. There is overly enigmatic narration as this tries for intriguing weirdness. There is glitter and no horrible anticipation or whispered desire or emotionally and morally complex events.

Teen girls aren't impressively nasty. This wasn't even gleefully absurd. A new coach arrives in a dead end rust belt down whose tire factory has closed down. Girls wear tiny shorts and various no names star. The cheer captain sneers and this was based on the inept Megan Abbott book. The coach, Colette, expects absolute deference. This is a tour de force of misery and relentless exclusion and the indignities that teen girls can inflict.

Beth bullies. This was ghastly and stupid. Colette is socially disruptive. Beth has a half sister named Tacy whom she bullies. Beth is seriously wrong and teens encourage hate. There is awful certainty. Beth is an aggressive, selfish, cruel brat. Colette makes statements of intent. There is sick rage and mumbling and poor life chances. Addy lurks. There is 9 more eps of this.

There are complicated family dynamics. Beth is dethroned as captain. This is a grim odyssey. This was not innovative. There is pettiness and perilous cirumstrances and a secret and pressure and talk of a stadium. Yawn.

Best Lines:

“I said it was beautiful, you said it was pollution.”

“We're not your family anymore!”

“Your other wife and daughter!”

“So 'Real Housewives'!”

“Box wine girl.”

“We're not going captains anymore.”

“Run squads.”

“Does it look like I care?”

“She's ancient. She's like 28!”

“Again bitches!”

“Rust belt backwater.”

“Get more for yourself than Big Gulps and ballers.”

“5 feet of hair.”

“That's the husband.”

“He looks like a youth pastor.”

“A price for everything.”

The Nest (2020) 1x01

This BBC1 surrogacy drama sees a couple hook up with a teen girl. There are screeching Scot accents. Is the girl out of jail or care? She offers to be a surrogate to the couple who are too egocentric to adopt. The teen already had a child? The husband comes across as a controlling creepy abuser. This sucked hard.

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