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Book Review: The Poison Garden

The Poison Garden by Alex Marwood

This is an innocently poisonous tale of a cult survivor. This excellent book is from the author of 'The Darkest Secret'. This is an excellent dark tale of a cult that indulges in brutal abuse, harsh treatment, brainwashing and unyielding belief. This is a scary scary tale of domination and a cult that constrains people and threatens them with eternal damnation.

There is existential dread and people sure that they are safe guarding their future with their terrible acts. They are really obsessing over a fantasy that nothing can dissuade them from. There are many dreadful implications and the darkest, most depraved desires. The cult carried on a tale of untruth about the apocalypse and had a chilling acceptance of its inevitability.

The cult was hugely damaging and there are complicated and troubling consequences. Just because you're out of the cult doesn't mean you ever escape it. There are toxic traditions and coercive persuasive tools. Alarmingly odd consistently dreadful people have grim rage, which leads to a downer dark ending.

Best Lines:

“It's never a privilege hearing how other people see you.”

“Tears bring penalties,”

“Lying smile.”

“The hell of her own choosing,”

“Incubating the final pandemic.”

“The main use for someone who can no longer work would be as a back-up food supply.”

“They will all die screaming.”

“No one would question it. Not out loud,”

“It's clearly the right response.”

“A taste for frippery.”

“Shrug contemptuously.”

“Even more theirs than she was before.”

“This is not an idle threat.”

“Long-unfulfilled promise.”

“She has read enough history to know that a usurper is only a usurper if they fail. And that the vanquished end up in unmarked graves.”

“He believes me harmless.”

“There is no level below Dung Squad, beyond leaving, quietly, in the night.”

“People who think that never backing down is a virtue.”

'They generally don't expect high academic standards in kids who fight in schoolyards.”

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