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Dceased Unkillables Issue 2 Reviewed

The art and paper quality is bad. The arks leave. Gordon, Jason and Cassandra Cain are left behind. The baddies plot. Cassandra Cain and her mother fight. Mirror Master pervs and the baddies infight and Deathstroke is in peril. Vandal Savage looks like a bum off the street. This wasn't powerful and unique. Wonder Woman attacks.

Bane smugs. Gordon rages. Nobody seems suprised to see Cain and Jason unmasked. We see a zombie Shazam in a room full of zombies who get blasted. There is a joke about Bane's muffled speech. Cheetah gets petted. Ace shows up. Zombies attack. There are heinous actions and this was good.

Nobody thought of zombie mirror Master or the shocking consequences thereof? They made no attempt to defend against it? There are no heroic actions and the scenario is grim. A world of chaos unfolds and the zombies are a pervasive threat.

Best Lines:

“You're coming with me. You don't have to be conscious.”

“You've both proved immune to the anti-life virus. I'm going to pull you apart and find out how.”

“You got betrayed too, huh? Gotta say, i did not see this coming.”

“Wonder Woman's a zombie.”

“It's not the first time someone's cracked open my chest and poked at my internal organs, and I doubt it'll be the last.”

“The unhealthy buildup of blighted ones.”

“No one gets to be innocent now.”

“You held the worst city in the country together by sheer force of will.”

“Walk away, Jim. There's work to do.”

“We're probably all going to die screaming.”

“Batman was too soft.”

“Batman was...? Are we talking about the same Batman? Violent scowl with pointy ears.”

“Some childhood you must have had with a guy like that.”

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