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Movie Reviews: Mindhorn + Drive Angry

Mindhorn (2016)

A washed up tv actor, Richard, has to revisit his role as an 1980s tv detective when a killer strikes. Richard is an ass. This was not funny and is full of annoying untalented actors. Russell Tovey, Simon Callow, Steve Coogan and Kenneth Brannagh feature. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:

“Step away from the actor.”

“What you said about the Isle of Man on Wogan!”

“Reached Number 1 in several East European countries.”

“John Nettles got the gig!”

“Weird creepy way!”

“Since I left you my life has been really quite bad.”

“Chicken man.”

“Insane mental nutjob.”

Drive Angry (2011)

Nicolas Cage and Billy Burke and Amber Heard star in this dreck which is full of many aggressive moments. Bad people need to be held acountable for their actions. There are no deep seated tensions and Cage has unfettered enthusism for murdering people who live hard dehumanised humilating lives. Cage has offended people greatly. People have shock and horror at what is happening to them.

Heard seems to solicit viewers. A bad guy looms with an imposing apsect. People are not getting what they want. There is the sad inevitability of betrayal and a lack of principle. People do terrible things. There is morality gone feral and lives spiral into degredation. This wasn't compelling. Cage plays John Milton and fights cultists.

There is bad VFX and trailer park rednecks. There is fear and volatility and no gratification. This was unrelentingly miserable and catastrophic and it is wanting in every virtue. This was mundane and banal with a general disregard for plot. Women are fluff and William Fichther and David Morse costar.

Best Lines:

“Hell is already walking the Earth.”

“No friend to us.”

“Stabbed him in his face.”

“I saw who you are when no one's looking.”

“How come he ain't dead?”

“It don't matter. He's gonna be.”

“Someone else always comes.”

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