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Flesh and Blood 1x04 + The Time Tunnel (1966-1967) 1x01&1x02 Reviewed

Flesh and Blood 1x04

There is no dark uneasiness. Helen is fired. Natalie's mistress trick works and her lover abandons his wife and children for her whore ass. Helen's husband says he can't come home. Jake's wife finds out about his whoring and legs it. Jake cries, badly. Natalie gets worried that her lover will get a new mistress if he marries her. Is the slutty Natalie really pregnant for real this time? Oh who cares.

The neighbour annoys and Mark sneers and Jake makes a scene. The kids try to kill Mark and it is covered up. Jake apparently gets back with his wife? The poor mother is made to tend to her awful kids and the house sale and her dreams of a new life are cancelled. But Mark isn't dead and at the end of the ep he comes out of his coma. A series 2? No thanks.

The neighbour tried to finish him off. WHY? Mark's fall was written off as an accident. Not any more it won't be. The poor mother's kids were horrible abusive selfish bastards.

Rendezvous With Yesterday

This alleged cult show (which got a failed reboot attempt in 2002) starts out badly. The opening credits are silly and Irwin Allen created this. Michael Rennie guest stars. There is dumb looking tech and the military built a time machine for reasons. I've no idea what is going on.

A man time travels and ends up on the Titanic. Then another time traveller shows up and so Tony Newman and Doug Phillips travel in time. Nobody is furious or desperate. Lee Merriwether plays a lab tech. There is no uncertainty or risk. People are ignorant of cultural history. There is dull suprise acting and this terrible and so very bad. This was a damning indictment of 1960s tv. It's clear quickly that this is going to be bad. At least the 2002 failed pilot had David Conrad.

Best Lines:

“History computer.”

“That order is not to be violated.”

One Way To The Moon

Smashy crashy action as the duo head to Mars or something. First they stop off on the moon. It's 1978 and the tech looks like it is from 1953! Stuff happens. Astronauts are murderous. This is painfully maudlin and generic and joyless. This is rampant idiocy. This has explicit purposelessness.

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