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Retro Review: Mutant X Season 1 Ep 19 review

Nothing To Fear

He knows their darkest secrets, their deepest fears. There’s nowhere to run, no way to hide and no-one is safe.

Before he was Colonel Young on ‘Stargate Universe’ and when he used a different stage name, Justin Louis played Henry the misguided villain of the week in this very good ‘Mutant X’ ep. I really liked season 1 of this show, I pretend seasons 2&3 didn’t happen.

Henry the unwashed menaces Mutant X member Shalimar with his mind powers. This show upped the cheese factor by having the mutants powers depicted as glowing CGI images. Henry stalks around in a grubby fur coat looking unshaven and crazy and living in squalor. Shalimar strips down to her PVC underwear so Mutant X leader Adam (John Shea) can examine her. I liked the Adam/Shalimar friendship, shame TPTB wrecked it in the terrible season 2 retool and then wrecked it some more in the even worse season 3 retool.

Henry is a Psionic and he controls people’s dreams and can use their deepest fears against them. Henry makes Shalimar dream that she betrays Sanctuary and is captured by arch villain Eckhart. This show looks suitably nightmarish. It turns out that Henry blames Mutant X for the death of his wife. She used to work in Eckhart’s organisation. So then he torments Jesse and Brennen. Luckily Adam’s sickbay magically expands as the team members fall victim.

Then in the real world, Eckhart who is working with Henry to destroy Mutant X makes the mistake of gloating and of getting within arm swinging distance of a deeply disturbed Psionic. There is great use of Vivaldi as Henry does his psycho stare and torments the team. Then he torments Emma but her fear makes no sense. Henry torments Eckhart by putting him in a pit where rats crawl on him.

Adam saves the day, naturally. He puts himself into the dreamscape and tells Henry that Eckhart is lying to him. Henry learns his wife is alive and has been in a stasis pod in Eckhart’s HQ all along. Henry ends his revenge spree and lets Mutant X go as well as Eckhart. We don’t see Henry and his wife reunited and escape but they did.

Sadly Henry was never seen or mentioned again in the show despite being such a powerful Psionic. Justin Louis was very good as the misguided villain, quite a change from his role in ‘Stargate Universe’ where he plays the calm peaceful leader Young. Who is calm even when Telford tries to kill Young by pushing his injured body too hard

Best Lines:
Actually looks like he used to be happy.”

“Are you real or just some other horrible figment of my imagination
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