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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Hitmen' promo


'The Nest' promo

A surrogacy drama.

Peter Mark and dentists have shut. Cineworld and the big shops are closing.

I plan to review 'Mindhorn'.

I wonder if 'The Burning Zone' will be rerun.

Who saw 'Moon Over Parador'?

'Black Widow' delayed.

Who watches the 'That Time On Murder She Wrote' recaps?

I'll review 'The Poison Garden'.

I won't read 'Conviction', 'The Family', 'Tomorrow's Cthulhu', 'The Whispering Horror', 'Worms', 'After Death' or 'Eden'.

RIP Lyle Waggoner.

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Population behaviour.”

“The world as we know it is transformed.”

“They are not wanted.”

“Terrified nation.”

“Layout reformatting.”

“A word that has vanished from our national lexicon.”

“They don't actually include me in things or it feels like they don't want me there.”

"Far more prevalent than was known."

"The narrative that is constantly portrayed by the media and in this article is that teachers do not work."

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Not allowed anymore to go out.”

“Infrequent trips outside the house.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“National lockdown.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Hygiene advice.”

“Offered it in the national interest.”

“An empty hotel above my head.”

“Discourage at risk people from working.”

“Abandon plans to go abroad.”

“Don't honour their promise”

“Elements of it were quite chilling.”

“Very very worried society.”

“Anti panic pause.”

“Provide stability.”

“False and malicious information.”

“Civil unrest.”

“Looting and rioting.”

“See soliders in the community driving trucks.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Reached the critical moment.”

'The Windsors' Quote:

Open you up like a tin of beans.”

'Murphy Brown' Quote:

“Crown jewel slot.”

'England's Forgotten Queen' Quotes:

“Stirings of disquiet.”

“A child queen and mother living.”

“Opening the gates to hell.”

“Unease was further stirred.”

“Putting the knee on the ground.”

“People whispered against.”

“Seize it by sunrise.”

“Right and true queen.”

“A hated figure.”

“Earned him a great deal of hatred.”

“Against the right order of things.”

“Doors of the Tower closing and they will never open again for Jane.”

“Not one showed any expression of Jane.”

“Of famous memory.”

'The Dominaiton' Quotes:

“Just beginnin' to worry about us.”

“Thought over overthrow was just a matter of time.”

“Risking capture by a people to whom mercy was scarcely even a word.”

“The right to instant and absolute obedience.”

“To survive, we've got to make sure nobody else does,”

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