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Supernatural Season 3 Ep 15 Review

Time is On My Side

Dean’s messed up about heading to hell, where he will be reunited with all the demons he sent there. Sam is more concerned about a case involving organ theft and a doctor (Billy Drago) who found immortality. Dean locates Bela and chases her down to get the colt back.

Bela’s hotel has apparently no security as Dean waves a gun at her. Bela is smug but Dean knows her secret. 10 years ago Bela made a deal to kill her parents. Now her deal is up. Bela says that Lilith wants Sam dead which makes no sense in light of season 4. Bela cries and asks for help but it is too late as the Hellhounds come for her. Presumably she’s still in the pit and on the rack as only John and Dean got out of hell.

This was okay, Bela’s written out and the creepy doctor is dealt with.

Best Lines:
Dr Quinn, Medicine Zombie.”

“This whole eternal life thing is very high maintenance.”

“Send me back to hell because when you get there, I’ll be waiting for you.”
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